Find out which were the 10 MOST Watched Series in Netflix History

A Netflix since its inception it has invested seriously in its original productions, seeing as a result public loyalty to its brand and multiple praise from critics. However, almost ten years after the beginning of this successful trajectory, the days of programs like Orange is the New Black (2013-2019) e House of Cards (2013-2018), his first original series, seem to have been left behind. The truth is that renewing is necessary and the audiovisual colossus continued to maintain (almost always) its commitment to serial quality, taking out of their sleeves, with each new season, programs ready to fall in with the taste of its monstrous audience around the world.

It is also clear that not all series planned to be the new phenomenon from square reach their audiences in a certain way, and many die on the beach, ending up being canceled – this was the case with the recent Jupiter’s Legacy, created to be Netflix’s answer to The Boys, gives Amazon, canceled this year after a single season. Obviously, Netflix wanted to have a new milestone to call its own (within the superhero genre), but in the end, it’s the public who dictates what’s going to be successful or not. And just like the box office of a movie at the cinema, if the number of views on the platform for a given series are not satisfactory, which justifies your expenses, it will eventually be cancelled.

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In this matter, however, we will address the other side of this coin: a more positive one. Here, the topic will be precisely the most watched series on the number 1 streaming platform in the world. Recently, Netflix released its top 10 as a way to celebrate the massive success of Round 6, a South Korean production that lived to become the most watched program in streaming. We already know who was in first position, but check below to know the other successful series in the ranking.

In tenth place we have a curious case. Sweet Tooth it did not generate such a commotion as to be considered a fever. Despite this, the show quietly in its first season, debuting on June 4, 2021, gained enough views on the platform to guarantee it the tenth position on the list, being watched by 60 million accounts. This is the screen adaptation of the eponymous comics by DC Comics, part of their adult Vertigo line, created by Jeff Lemire. Interestingly, behind the production of Netflix we have Robert Downey Jr., O Iron Man from rival Marvel. The creator of the program is Jim Mickle, a name known for heavy-duty movies, see Stake Land (2010), We are or what we are (2013) e bloody july (2014). The plot presents a hybrid boy between human and deer, living in a futuristic post-apocalyptic reality. A second season, obviously, is already confirmed.

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Winning for 2 million accounts, a production arrives that, unlike Sweet Tooth, has not left people’s mouths, permeating the internet like a flood, whether through memes or serious recommendations. What catches attention in the Queen’s Gambit, released on October 23, 2020, was the “beating” of praise the production received from critics and experts alike. Despite using the “boring” chess game as a backdrop, the series’ message is much broader and talks about obsession, talent, commitment, happiness and chasing our dreams. Besides, of course, a strong feminist content – ​​with women ahead of their time. Unlike the other items on the list, the Queen’s Gambit it’s a miniseries, with a beginning, middle and end, and despite its success it won’t have a second season. The work served to elevate the protagonist’s status Anya Taylor-Joy and was assisted by 62 million accounts.

Another different series makes the list, this one, however, a documentary program. The history of Joe Exotic, a gay redneck who owns a tiger zoo, self-proclaimed the King of Tigers, is so surreal that he quickly became the most talked about topic in the world. This fame, worthy of a disaster, which we can’t stop looking at, reached Brazil, where the series was equally successful. even the star Sylvester Stallone boarded the wave alongside his family (wife and three daughters) appearing dressed as the “characters” of the program. In fact, fiction productions on the subject began to come out of the paper, one of them starring Nicolas cage like Joe. The Tiger Mafia it debuted at the very beginning of the pandemic, on March 20, 2020, and was seen by 64 million accounts. Which guaranteed a second season for November 2021.

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In seventh place we have the most successful Spanish series on Netflix. And here we have a curious case again. turns out that The Money Heist, which chronicles a masterfully planned robbery of the mint of Spain, debuted on the platform on December 25, 2017 and gradually generated its hype, as time went on gaining a legion of followers. Soon, the masks of Salvador Dali worn by criminals, between men and women, all named after cities around the world, began to appear in all kinds of places, like blouses and paintings. Oh yeah, not to mention the music Bella Ciao, which became an anthem. The heyday of the program, however, which appears here on the list, came with the fourth season, April 3, 2020, watched by 65 million accounts. The fifth has already debuted on September 3, 2021 and who knows may enter the rankings when the list is updated.

Here we have the oldest series on the list, which shows its strength while still remaining among the most watched. This is Netflix’s xodozinho Stranger Things, her first big phenomenon, including generating an entire program about her shown by SBT. The atmosphere of the 80’s was rescued with gusto by the series that mixes the coming of age Comic juvenile, with supernatural elements of horror and fiction. The perfect recipe to please Greeks and Trojans. The series premiered on July 15, 2016, and on October 27, 2017 came the second season. With its popularity only increasing, nothing fairer than the third season, released on July 4th, 2019, to be the most watched, watched by 67 million accounts. Remembering that the fourth has its premiere scheduled for 2022.

Production of drama and romance, with strong doses of eroticism, the program is one of the most recent on the list, having premiered on June 25, 2021. Starring the beautiful descendant of Iranians Sarah Shahi, who in 2012 played the daughter of Sylvester Stallone in the action movie Double target – present in the Netflix collection. The series uses to its advantage the beauty and sensuality of the brunette in the role of Billie, married woman and mother of two children in a monotonous life, which will make her current reality collide with her wild past. The series excels in sex scenes and the actress’s nudity, being particularly successful for women looking for spice in their marriages, as well as in the franchise Fifty Shades of grey. The program was watched by 67 million accounts, tying with Stranger Things.

We return to the realm of fantasy, here, however, bathed in the medieval genre that was so successful in Lord of the Rings and others. Many may believe that The Witcher is based on the very successful famous game, which has a legion of fans, for having been where the story became popular. However, before going to the screen in the form of advanced graphics, the plot was born in 1986 in the form of Polish books. Inveterate fan of the franchise, the star Henry Cavill, cinema’s latest Superman, struggled to bring this universe to the screen, and found a home for it on Netflix. We can say that the onslaught was worth it because the mystique The Witcher is the fourth most watched series on Netflix, watched by 76 million accounts. The premiere was on December 20, 2019, the second premiere on December 17, 2021 and a third is already confirmed.

The third most watched series on Netflix is ​​a French production, starring the charismatic Omar Sy – who has already made a career in Hollywood as well. The character Arsène Lupin was created in 1905 as a gentleman thief and master of disguise, by the author Maurice Leblanc. And here we have the current modernization of these stories, led by His. The series is recommended for those who enjoy wild robbery plans – in the scheme of The Money Heist. Lupine debuted on January 8, 2021, with the second coming on June 11 of the same year, and a third promised. The program also had 76 million views on subscriber accounts.

It’s curious not to see the dearest The Crown among the most watched on the platform – and we believe it would be among the top twenty. Lovers of period dramas and romances need not complain, here we have a worthy replacement. Bridgerton addresses wealth, lust and betrayal at the British court, seen through the eyes of the powerful family of the title. Absolute phenomenon, which, not least, has the finger of Shonda Rhimes (responsible for successes like Grey’s Anatomy e Scandal) in production. The series premiered on December 25, 2020 and had 82 million views across subscriber accounts. Therefore, a second season is already confirmed for 2022.

Also known by the title Squid Game, the most watched series on Netflix came from South Korea, demonstrating the strength that the country has in the current audiovisual market. Recently the fantastic Parasite (2019) broke barriers by being named Best Film of the Year at the Oscars, and Round 6 enough to confirm this worldwide “favoritism”. Accessed by 111 million accounts worldwide, Round 6 was the only series in the house to surpass the barrier of 100 million views and in its plot mixes elements of Battle Royale (2000) and the Parasite itself. In the story, poor and indebted people receive an unusual proposal: participate in children’s games for money. When they arrived at a mysterious place, they discover that there is much more at risk, like their own lives. Season two is just a matter of time.

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