Find out which were the 10 BIGGEST Cinema Ticket Offices in the 90s

recently here at CinePOP, we released the biggest box office of the 1980s. And to the surprise of many, at the top of the ranking of the period, the expected film may not have been. You can check out the full list below.

The Biggest Box Offices of the 80s

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Now, we decided to do the same with the next decade, the 90s. Yes, the decade in which a whole generation of movie fans grew up will be honored this time. And just like in the previous list, we will take into account the numbers at the worldwide box office. So, expect many productions by experienced people, in addition to some surprises. Without further ado, let’s find out. And don’t forget to comment at the end.

10 | Armageddon (1998)

The 1980s were marked by major franchises such as Indiana Jones e Star Wars. Surprisingly, the following decade saw original productions conquer the top ten positions. Yes, they’re still big blockbusters, but many of which haven’t become franchises. As is the case with our tenth position: Armageddon. The film about a large meteor coming to crash into Earth was one of two productions of the year to tackle the topic (the other being Deep Impact). Here, big names like Bruce Willis (which had two films in the top 10), Ben Affleck (who rose to stardom) and Liv Tyler star in the action drama, directed by Michael Bay – who would go on to become a major director in the industry, for better or worse. The cataclysmic film became a phenomenon at the end of the decade and took in $533 million.

09 | Men in Black (1997)

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Yes, and did you have any doubts that Hollywood’s Midas would return in the next decade? Once you have created the blockbusters with shark (1975) and marked the 1980s with five of its biggest box-office hits (E.T., the trilogy Indiana Jones e Back to the future, as producer), Steven Spielberg back to ranking in the field of production. The filmmaker is behind Men in Black, as producer of this film about a top-secret government agency monitoring alien life on our planet. Based on an obscure comic book, the comedy-driven film is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld (The Addams Family) and strikes the perfect balance between tough Tommy Lee Jones and the charismatic Will Smith. Men in Black served to transform Smith, a TV actor, into one of the biggest stars of the decade. The film grossed $589 million worldwide.

08 | The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)

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Another 1997 production and… you guessed it, the Spielberg stuck in the long Here, Spielberg directs the work, and continues his resounding success of 1993. A film that didn’t ask for a sequel, but the astronomical box office of the original spoke louder and a new river of money flowed into Universal’s coffers with this sequel. The filmmaker also had a challenge here, and managed to create a work very different from his predecessor, which keeps its good moments, playing the action this time in an environment without fences or bars. It’s like the characters go back in time to interact with dinosaurs in their own environment. It doesn’t reach the level of excellence of the previous one, but it manages to hover above what the franchise has become in its last examples: mechanical works, without soul and without any impact of its effects. The lost World totaled US$618 million worldwide.

07 | Or Sixth Sense (1999)

The above item can be considered the first franchise on the list, since Men in Black released its first film in the decade, which might not work. But here we return to a work that never had a sequel. In fact, Or Sixth Sense served to transform its director, M. Night Shyamalan in his own million-dollar franchise, or a star director. With an authorial voice as impactful as that of Quentin Tarantino – in even more commercial and profitable films -, the Indian filmmaker had one success after another in his first features. But as we know, a little while later, he would fall from grace, only now regaining his prestige.

Anyway, Or Sixth Sense it is cinema in all its magnitude and excellence. A superb script, first-rate performances (with Oscar nominations for the boy Haley Joel Osment e Toni Collette) and a precise direction of Shyamalan, the film put the horror genre back on the radar. In addition to these indications, in a total of six, Or Sixth Sense it was even nominated for best director and best picture. The work is among the 200 favorites of the general public of all time and has raised US$672 million worldwide.

06 | Forrest Gump (1994)

Here we don’t have Spielberg exactly, but we have one of his greatest pupils and colleagues, the director Robert Zemeckis. In his early career, Zemeckis had the trilogy Back to the future e Who Framed Roger Rabbit produced by Spielberg. In the mid-1990s, he was on his own and made what was, at that time, his most mature film. The story of an autistic boy who goes through all of recent North American history interacting and changing it marked the period, became a phenomenon and won many awards. In addition to best picture and director at the Oscars (a total of 13 nominations and 6 wins), Forrest Gump also gave the second award for best actor to Tom Hanks, for the second consecutive year (the first being for Philadelphia). The film is number 14 in mainstream audiences of all time – which is an extraordinary popular feat – and has collected $678 at the worldwide box office.

05 | Independence Day (1996)

A true phenomenon, this Fox production presented an unprecedented alien invasion for blockbuster cinema at the time. In terms of special effects, it was the film that drew the most attention after Jurassic Park (1993) in the period. in the long of Roland Emmerich (director who would become famous by taking up the vein of megalomaniac entertainment cinema – following this production with Godzilla, 1998), an alien race invades Earth destroying our planet, starting with the White House (which made audiences cheer). It was up to the humans to fight back on American Independence Day. Among other things, Independence Day showed the world who was the charismatic Will Smith (who would consolidate himself as a star in another work on aliens, the aforementioned Men in Black). Twenty years later, the producers decided to continue the story and the result was lukewarm (to say the least) Independence Day: Resurgence. The First film grossed $817 million worldwide.

04 | The Lion King (1994)

While the live-action version racks up an absurd amount, becoming the second highest grossing of 2019, the source material, the original 1994 animation, already demonstrates an impressive feat. Disney’s biggest animation so far, the story of the little lion Simba managed to scale and surpass huge successes of the time, such as The Little Mermaid (1989), Beauty and the Beast (1991) e Aladdin (1992). After screenplays with human characters, Disney returned to betting on stories with talking animals, and here this type of narrative reached its apex, adding Shakespearean elements. The Lion King it has inspired everything, even a play on the stages of several countries, and is definitely one of the biggest hits of Mickey’s studio. The animated feature is among the 35 best films of all time in the opinion of the general public and has totaled US$968 million around the world.

03 | The Phantom Menace (1999)

Now the joke got serious. This is the first film to cross the billion barrier on the list (showing that only three films in the 1990s were able to pull off such a feat) – which asserts a more profitable decade than the previous one. And how could it not be, if we have a franchise movie Star Wars in a year or a decade, you can be sure that it will be among the most profitable. Like episode I it was no different. Even more, The Phantom Menace It was the first movie released in theaters to feature the franchise’s logo. Star Wars since the early 1980s, when Return of the Jedi (1983) ended the story. Here, George Lucas, the creator, decided to return to such a universe and tell the childhood of the villain Darth Vader – still a boy in his nine years of age. In other words, imagine the expectation. Today, the film has lived to become the most hated episode in the franchise, but that’s another story. The Phantom Menace raised US$1.027 billion around the world.

02 | Jurassic Park (1993)

Well, you knew he would come. We have already referred to him in some earlier positions in the list. And if your continuation The lost World had already appeared, nothing more natural than for him to appear too. Revolutionary for the movie industry in terms of special effects, Jurassic Park it was produced at a time when movies really told good stories and effects were just part of the narrative. These days, new episodes of this same franchise included, the movies seem to hold on only by the effects, with big craters where the script should be.

Jurassic Park was a precursor and perhaps this new generation born in the CGI era will never understand what it meant. James Cameron had already played around with such computer-created effects in The Secret of the Abyss (1989) e Terminator 2 (1991), but it was Spielberg it’s yours Jurassic Park that made audiences’ heads explode with their creation, which brought prehistoric creatures back to life. After all, this was the film’s motto and it wouldn’t work without such realistic effects. The work raised US$1.029 billion worldwide.

01 | Titanic (1997)

speaking of James Cameron, the filmmaker was for many years a holder of the first place on the podium, having directed the most profitable film of all time. The audacious, authorial and beyond creative director has always shown his artistic courage within commercial cinema. It all started with Terminator (1984). The 1991 sequel was simply groundbreaking and the highest grossing of its respective year. But after some very efficient, praised and successful action and fiction films, Cameron was taking his most ambitious step – and that’s talking about a filmmaker used to big productions and big budgets.

Titanic it was a constant headache in his production, going over budget, nearly bankrupting FOX and suffering constant delays. The studio was ready to declare its new failure when Cameron proved everyone wrong, and scored the biggest movie hit of all time. With US$2.187 billion, Titanic It was for 12 years the highest grossing film in the history of cinema. That is, until another Cameron production steals the throne. Of course we are talking about Avatar (2009), which was also dethroned this year by Avengers: Endgame. Be that as it may, the fictional story of a dramatic novel, included in the tragic true story of one of the greatest disasters of humanity, made the public return countless times to cinemas.

Find out more about some of the box office phenomena of the time:

11 | Terminator 2 (1991) – $520 million
12 | Ghost (1990) – $505 million
13 | Aladdin (1992) – $504 million
14 | Toy Story 2 (1999) – US$497 milhões
15 | Twister (1996) – $494 million
16 | Saving Private Ryan (1998) – $482 million
17 | Home Alone (1990) – $476
18 | Matrix (1999) – $463.5 million
19 | Pretty Woman (1990) – $463.4
20 | Mission: Impossible (1996) – $457 million
21 | Tarzan (1999) – $448 million
22 | The Almost Perfect Babysitter (1993) – $441 million
23 | Beauty and the Beast (1991) – $425 million
24 | Dances with Wolves (1990) – $424 million
25 | The Mummy (1999) – $415 million
26 | The Bodyguard (1992) – $411 million
27 | Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) – $390 million
28 | Godzilla (1998) – US$379 milhões
29 | True Lies (1994) – $378 million
30 | Toy Story (1995) – US$373 milhões

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