Find out which companion animal to adopt according to your astrological sign!

City of France, color and precious lucky stone… And the same ideal plant for your interior! Your zodiac sign can say a lot about your preferences! Moreover, know that if you want to adopt an animal soon, but you don’t know which one will make you happy the most, the stars can help you make your choice! Rabbit, turtle, dog, cat, ferret… Depending on your astrological sign, an animal with which you will be in perfect harmony is necessarily made for you, so Public tells you which one!

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Aries: Fire sign par excellence, you need an active animal in your image to accompany you on each of your adventures. The dog will therefore be ideal for you.
Taurus: Epicurean and homebody, this Earth sign will live in perfect harmony with a cat!
Gemini: Talkative, charismatic and curious, the parrot is the bird that most resembles you!
Cancer: A discreet and cuddly hamster will be the perfect animal to welcome all the love that Cancer is ready to give him!
Leo: What could be nobler and more majestic than a horse! This animal in your image is made for you!
Virgo: The most manic native of the zodiac would ideally like to live with an animal that does not disturb its interior too much! So, fish turns out to be the most practical choice for him!
Libra: The sphynx – a hairless cat – is an atypical feline that looks like you! Since you never do anything like the others, you will be ready to give love to this animal that many fear!
Scorpio: The snake is a reptile that fits perfectly with the mysterious personality of Scorpio!
Sagittarius: Spontaneous like you, turtles will keep you company and brighten up your days!
Capricorn: Ferrets are energetic animals like you! Together, you will make the pair!
Aquarius: Eccentric and unusual, the pig will bring you joy of life!
Pisces: As a perfect sign of Water, Pisces are sentient beings who need to give love … And what better than a soft little animal such as a rabbit to do all that!


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