Find out what the child is doing in the phone with a simple trick when and whom to talk to

Mobile Trick: Mobile phone has become our need in today’s time. Along with us, small children also need phones for many important tasks. Especially in the Corona period, online classes of children were held on the phone only. In today’s time, the phone is of course very important, but sometimes children also start abusing the phone and use too much phone. In such a situation, the parents get upset and they do not understand what to do now. In such a situation, you can hack your child’s phone through a simple trick and find out who your child is talking to.

Being trapped in the addiction of phones, children keep on using the phone throughout the day and do not pay attention to studies. If you are also troubled by your child’s habit of using the phone too much, then a Tiktok video can help you.

Hacking tips are hidden in Tiktok video

This Tiktok video has been shared by Lauren, which explains how to hack children’s phones. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Lauren, who shared the hacking video, has told that she is 25 years old and she is also troubled by her child’s habit of using the phone. That is why he has shared this video of phone hacking so that other parents can also find out about their child’s addiction to phone.

change phone settings

Lauren has told in her Tiktok video that to hack a child’s iPhone, you have to make some changes in the phone’s settings. First of all, take the child’s phone and go to the Contacts App and select the option of edit. Now click on ringtone and set Emergency Bypass. Do the same setting for text messages. After doing this, whenever a message from a particular person comes, the iPhone will ring rapidly.

People gave mixed response

After making this change in the settings of the iPhone, whenever a message or phone call from a particular person comes, the iPhone will ring faster. Even if the phone is in silent mode. In such a situation, you will immediately understand whose call or message has come in the child’s phone. Although not everyone is liking this trick of Lauren. Some people believe that this will infringe on the privacy of the child. At the same time some people have also called it a good trick.

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