Find out what is Luciano Huck’s fame among his children and Angelica’s opinion about her husband!

Luciano Huck’s children have a unanimous opinion about the presenter. In a statement to pay homage to their father on the program “Astral Journey”, on HBO Max, led by Angélica, Joaquim, Benício and Eva handed over the fame that the artist has at home: that of needy.

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“When I say good night to him, he’s like, ‘Come and give me a hug.’ He’s really needy,” Eva said. “He’s really needy. , said Benicio.

“I am very needy”, confessed Luciano. The program’s astrologer, Paula Pires, explained that Huck’s lack appears in his astral chart, but as a generosity, “a willingness to exchange”.

Angelica reaffirms that Luciano Huck is needy

During the conversation, Angelica reaffirmed that her husband is the needy one in the house. “He asks for a pat. I get back from the recording and he says: ‘Aren’t you going to say hi to me?’. He speaks in the voice of a crying child”, he delivered. According to Paula, this happens because Luciano has Jupiter and Neptune in the seventh place on the map.

Presenter remembers the accident of his son Benício

Still on family matters, Huck also commented on Benício’s accident. In 2019, the boy hit his head in a wakeboarding accident and underwent neurological surgery.

“It’s harder to talk about this than about the [acidente de] plane [de 2015]. The one on the plane is like, ‘everyone will die’. All well. Nobody will suffer here. I think you obviously can’t materialize the feeling in those two, three minutes. But everyone is together. Beni’s is ‘you want to take my right leg, take it'”, he said.

“Son, it’s different. When you go through something like this, you either close up or not. How can this gratitude be transformed into impact? There’s something about going outside,” explained Luciano, about his desire to change the world.

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