Find out the REAL reason for the death of Isabel Salgado, a former volleyball player

The death of former volleyball player Isabel Salgado, announced this Wednesday morning (16), took the public by surprise. The athlete was hospitalized at Hospital Sírio Libanês, in São Paulo, and the cause of death was revealed by Paula Barreto, film producer and personal friend of the athlete.

According to Paula, Isabel died due to a bacteria in her lung. The time between illness and death was short. “I made a call with her on Monday (14). She had the flu. I told her to go to a hospital, she told me that she had already gone and tested negative for Covid. He left to go to the Syrian hospital on Tuesday (15th) morning. When he woke up on Tuesday, he was already much worse. He was admitted to the Syrian hospital in the CTI.”

Also according to Paula, Isabel was intubated, but did not resist. Around 4 am, she suffered a cardiac arrest and died.


The first star of Brazilian women’s volleyball, Isabel Salgado made a great career in the sport, passing through the courts and the beach. From Rio, he began his career in the youth teams of Flamengo and, still in his youth, he reached the national team, taking Brazil to the Olympic Games in Moscow, in 1980, and in Los Angeles, in 1984. In 1979, he won a bronze medal at the Pan American Games in San Juan. Even retired, she continued as one of the most prestigious names in Brazilian volleyball. Years later, she became a trainer.

Isabel was appointed by Geraldo Alckmin, former governor of São Paulo and elected vice-president of Brazil, last Monday (14th) to join the Sports area of ​​the transition team. Linked to social causes and engaged in politics, she did not hide her support for President-elect Lula during the elections.

Isabel left five children, among them, Maria Clara, Carol Solberg and Pedro Solberg, who followed in their mother’s footsteps in sport and became athletes.

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