Find out how much Robert Pattinson was paid for ‘The Batman’

According to Variety, the cache of Robert pattinson to live the ‘Batman‘ in the hero’s new solo movie was not the highest.

He received “only” $3 million by the movie.

The value does not count the commission at the box office, but it can be considered below average. To compare, Ben Affleck signed an agreement to US$ 26.3 million to live the character in ‘Batman vs Superman‘.

already the british Henry Cavill would have received about $14 million dollars per ‘The Man of Steel‘. The information is from Elle.

Remembering that the premiere of ‘The Batman‘ is scheduled for March 04, 2022.

In addition to Robert pattinson in the lead role, the cast has Andy Serkis (Alfred), Zoe Kravitz (Cat Woman), Jeffrey Wright (Commissioner Gordon), John Turturro (Carmine Falcone), Peter Skarsgaard, Jayme Lawson, Gil Perez-Abraham, and the brothers Max e Charlie Carver.

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