Finally: Pietro Lombardi confirms love comeback with Laura!

Pietro Lombardi (30) makes his love official! For several months, the musician’s fans had speculated that their idol was in good hands again. The singer was seen several times with his ex Laura Maria Rypa (26) – in the end it seemed as if the two were on vacation together. Now the former DSDS star apparently had enough of the headlines and made it known himself: Peter and laura are a couple again!

In its Instagramstory shared the Cologne native on Wednesday with a snapshot showing him with the blonde. The influencer sits happily on the lap of the 30-year-old, who is just as happy. Of the recording, Pie wrote: “There’s been a lot of speculation, and we’ve made no secret of the fact that we’re spending time and loving each other. We’re no longer making a secret of the fact that we’re a couple, starting today!” He went on to explain that the timing was right and the two were enjoying their time together.

laura also shared the post in her story and thus made the news public to her fans. The 26-year-old commented on the rumors a few days ago – and did not deny her fresh relationship: “We both have already commented on the subject and I won’t say more about it for the time being!”

Pietro Lombardi in April 2019
Laura Maria and Pietro Lombardi, September 2020

Instagram / lauramaria.rpa

Laura Maria and Pietro Lombardi, September 2020
Laura Maria Rypa in May 2022

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