"Finally allowed to sing again": Vicky Leandros recovered from virus infection

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“Can finally sing again”
Vicky Leandros recovered from virus infection

Even at her last appearance, Vicky Leandros felt powerless. A little later, the diagnosis is: dragged on virus infection. In order to recover, the singer put all planned concerts on hold. The joy is now all the greater – your doctor gives the all-clear.

The all-clear for Vicky Leandros: the singer has recovered from her virus infection and is “completely healthy again”, as she has confirmed in the “Bild” newspaper. “My doctor gave the green light so that I can finally perform and sing again,” says Leandros happily. However, the longer break was necessary.

Due to a virus infection, the “I love life” star had to cancel all concerts and several TV appearances in the past week. At the end of October, during a concert in Osnabrück, she noticed “that something is wrong”, as she then explained to the “Bild” newspaper. She had no more strength and was no longer able to sing properly.

“But I didn’t want to cancel the concert,” said the singer. Then she even left the stage with a support. “It is now clear that I carried off an infection that I didn’t even know I had before,” explained Leandros. Now the musician is “all the more happy” to be back on stage. On November 26th Leandros will give a benefit Christmas concert at Gut Basthorst in Schleswig-Holstein.

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