Final stretch of ‘Beyond Illusion’: shot, Olivia escapes death. Find out who saves Heloísa’s daughter!

Olivia (Debora Ozório) will have her life saved by her father twice at novel “Beyond Illusion” after being shot in a demonstration against the president, Getúlio Vargas. As soon as he sees his bastard daughter shot, Matias (Antonio Calloni) freaks out, mistakes her for Elisa (Larissa Manoela) and runs to help her, terrifying Heloísa (Paloma Duarte).

According to columnist André Romano, from “Observatório da TV”, Olivia will have to undergo emergency surgery after losing a lot of blood. In addition, the weaver will need a blood transfusion from her father or mother, Heloísa.

With the seamstress pregnant with Leonidas – the baby will be kidnapped by Úrsula (Bárbara Paz) -, Heloísa will not be able to donate blood to her eldest daughter. This is how Matias acts to save Olivia, becoming the donor.

“If it’s best for Olivia to be a first-degree relative, I donate, I’m the blood father”, says the former judge, murderer of Elisa, his eldest daughter with Violeta (Malu Galli).

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‘Beyond Illusion’: David tries to cancel Isadora and Joaquim’s wedding


Isadora (Larissa Manoela) will agree to marry Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita) to “clean up her image” with the population of Campos, who disapprove of the fact that she slept with Davi (Rafael Vitti) before the wedding. And Dorinha’s decision, of course, bothers the magician.

The illusionist will do everything to make Isadora, his ex, give up the union with the villain. However, the dressmaker doesn’t even listen to her ex-fiancé. “It’s already been decided, Rafael. I need to save this studio, my reputation, it’s the only way out. You and your conspiracy theories against Joaquim, Rafael…”, says Violeta’s daughter.

All that’s left is to go back with that story that he plans to kill me after the wedding to keep the factory and the farm”, mocks Elisa and Olivia’s sister. After that, Isadora will discover that Rafael is actually David and threatens to deliver the magician. , convicted of killing Elisa, to the police.

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