Final stretch of ‘Beyond Illusion’: Isadora rejects David’s request to cancel marriage with Joaquim

Davi/Rafael (Rafael Vitti) will be unhappy with Isadora (Larissa Manoela) at novel “Beyond Illusion” when he finds out that the ex-fiancée has agreed to marry Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita). In the next chapters of the six o’clock soap opera, the magician will show all his revolt with the dressmaker. However, Isadora is firm.

“It’s already been decided, Rafael. I need to save this studio, my reputation is the only way out”, says Olívia’s sister (Debora Ozório), the weaver who will be shot during the demonstration, according to columnist André Romano, from “TV Observatory”.

Isadora will refer to the fact that she fell into the mouths of the population for having sex with David before marriage. And the magician tries to do everything to make the ex give up the union with Úrsula’s foster son (Bárbara Paz).

“No! It’s not! Isadora, you’re smart, don’t you see that this painting on the door, the fake telegram to Dona Darcy Vargas (Ana Carolina Rainha), the lying note in the newspaper, this was all Joaquim’s work, for you to be humiliated and accept his request? (…) You can’t marry him.

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Novel ‘Beyond Illusion’: Isadora rejects canceling marriage

However, the young lady in Alessandra Poggi’s period soap opera is determined to marry Joaquim, in a ceremony in which she will not hide her sad face. “It’s already decided, Rafael. I need to save this studio, my reputation, it’s the only way out. You and your conspiracy theories against Joaquim, Rafael…”, she reproaches her.

“All that’s left is to go back with that story that he plans to kill me after the wedding to keep the factory and the farm”, recalls Violeta’s (Malu Galli) and Matias’ (Antonio Calloni) daughter. Seeing that Isadora is not going to back down, David is completely helpless.

‘Beyond Illusion’: Isadora steps back and believes in David’s innocence

In the period soap opera, the young lady will be furious to discover that Rafael is actually Davi, her ex-brother-in-law. Furious, the dressmaker claims that she will hand him over to the police. But after a while, Isadora will show that she trusts the magician’s innocence in relation to the murder of her sister Elisa (Larissa Manoela) and kisses him.

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