Final Destination 6: the director of No Way Home at the helm

Death has not said its last word and will still pile up the victims in a new feature film “Final Destination” scheduled for the HBO Max service. The project is progressing with the arrival of the director of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” on board.

Death on the heels

The film industry does not budge and continues to think that old successes can give birth to those of tomorrow. The horror genre is not spared, as evidenced by the current release of the new feature film Scream. The examples can be quoted in shambles and one does not forget besides thata return of the franchise Final destination is still in the pipes. A project which became known several months ago but which has not really moved forward for a while, not helped by the health crisis.

The very first film, released in 2000, laid the foundations for a rather amusing high concept since the main threat is none other than the death. Teenagers are hunted down by the Grim Reaper, who redoubles her inventiveness to kill them. During the five opuses that have emerged in the space of ten years, we have been entitled to some significant killings – failing to experience great moments of cinema.

Final Destination 3 ©New Line Cinema

Final Destination 6 is still relevant

The concept can be declined almost endlessly, as long as original situations are imagined. This is precisely what is expected of a sixth feature film, which should be closer to a reboot. The American press, including Variety, reports that the project will be carried by a very prominent director in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Jon Watts. His name will necessarily tell you something because he is behind the box Spider-Man : No Way Home and that he must then take care of the new mount of the 4 Fantastic.

For the time being, he is content to associate himself with New Line as a producer and to be behind the script since it was he who imagined the outlines. Screenwriters Lori Evans Taylor and Guy Busick will now lay a screenplay. No name has been put forward for the position of director, Jon Watts shouldn’t take on this task if we are to believe the various returns from the American media. We are therefore waiting to know who will be the chosen one who will have to resuscitate Final destination on the small screen. Because, yes, let’s not forget that the film is scheduled to be released on the HBO Max platform!

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