final at "The Bachelorette": What made this season so special

Finale at “The Bachelorette”
What made this season so special

Sharon Battiste mastered her role as “Bachelorette” more than confidently.

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“The Bachelorette” enters the final round. Why this season was so different from the previous ones.

Viewers can find out on Thursday (July 28) from 8:15 p.m. on RTL (or in advance online via RTL+), which contestant will receive the final rose on The Bachelorette. Sharon Battiste (30) has not only enchanted single men in recent weeks. Fans of the show were also enthusiastic about this year’s season of the dating show on social media.

Even Bill Kaulitz (32) came out as a fan of Sharon Battiste in the joint podcast with twin brother Tom “Kaulitz Hills – Senf aus Hollywood”. He considers her the “best bachelorette of all time” and justified this when asked by his brother: “She is incredibly self-confident, sweet and human. She seems as if she has a good heart, but still tough. She is also beautiful.” Numerous users of social media share the same opinion as the musician. What did Battiste do differently from her predecessors?

Sharon is quick-witted and can laugh at herself

Some “Bachelorettes” seemed reserved and calm when dealing with the men. Battiste, on the other hand, proved from episode one that she was not stupid. She joked with the candidates the first time they met, picked them up and even laughed at herself. “I just think Sharon is great. Likeable, quick-witted, funny and beautiful, could also be a Hollywood star,” gushed one user on Twitter about the appearance of the “Bachelorette”.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the soap actress explained that on the show she “claims [hatte]”I wanted to be as fun and easygoing as I am in real life,” she said. “I can be very loud and very direct, but I can also be very taciturn at times. I just gave myself the way I am.”

She wants to encourage other women

The 30-year-old suffers from circular hair loss, so-called alopecia areata. She decided to shave her hair before filming. In the show, she not only spoke openly about the step, but also presented herself to the men in episode five for the first time without a wig. A special moment in the show’s history that signaled that you can still feel beautiful even if you don’t conform to common beauty ideals. A message dear to Battiste’s heart.

“I hope that I can help every woman or man […] You can encourage that you can do and achieve anything – even with this diagnosis,” revealed the “Bachelorette” spot on news. With the step of presenting yourself bald, you also impressed the candidates. “That was incredibly strong of you “, she got to hear from them. On social media, numerous fans celebrated the message that the 30-year-old wanted to convey with it. “This season ‘Bachelorette’ reminds me of a quote from Coco Chanel: ‘Beauty begins the moment in which you decide to be yourself.’ Just great!”, one fan summed it up on Twitter.

On a photo that shows Sharon smiling proudly in the mirror without a wig, wrote another user: “This is how every woman should look in the mirror.”

Communication of feelings without “Bachelorette” phrases

Also unusual for the format that has existed since 2004: “Bachelorette” Sharon always gave her feelings and thoughts transparent and unembellished expression. In doing so, she dispenses with the phrases that have established themselves over the years of the dating format. The 30-year-old always said exactly what she wanted – and what not. When contestant Tim J. got too close to her while dancing, she made it clear to him that it was “a little too fast, a little too close” for her. “I would like to shift down a gear.” She also expected men to be able to openly communicate their feelings.

Despite her extraordinary role as “Bachelorette”, she remained relaxed and uncomplicated. When a group date literally fell through because it had rained too hard, she spontaneously decided to accompany the candidates to her villa. There she drank beer with everyone and had dinner with them. It doesn’t matter which candidate Sharon Battiste chooses in the end. As probably the most authentic and funniest “Bachelorette” she has already written show history.


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