Films with Tina Ruland: The best of the German star

Tina Ruland has made several films. We show you here which film founded her acting career and what you should see from the actress.

As a former model, singer and actress, Tina Ruland is a true all-rounder. Born in Cologne, she made her very first TV appearance in 1988 in the “ZDF hit parade” as a background singer for the pop band “Bad Boys Blue”. In March of that same year, she scooped Playboy’s Playmate of the Month title, but then appeared several times in the popular men’s magazine. In 1991 she finally made her debut as an actress – alongside Til Schweiger. In our small overview you can find out in which comedy Tina Ruland made her debut and which films you can still watch.

“Manta, Manta” (1991)

Uschi (Tina Ruland) and Bertie (Til Schweiger) in the Manta. (© Constantine Film)

Arrogant, with exaggerated self-confidence and a tuned Manta, Bertie (Til Schweiger) gets involved in a car race. His commitment: The money saved for the first shared apartment with girlfriend Uschi (Tina Ruland). But then Bertie loses his beloved to Ferrari driver Helmut (Uwe Fellensiek). The driving comedy marks Ruland’s feature film debut with lots of local color.

“The Firebird” (1997)

Can Prince Afron (Manou Lubowski) protect Elena (Tina Ruland)? (© Eurovideo)

King Jorgen (Horst Buchholz) is ill and worried about his daughter Elena (Tina Ruland) – because she is to marry Prince Afron (Manou Lubowski). The prince brings the legendary firebird to the king, which is then kidnapped by the magician Skeleton (Karel Roden). But Elena is also held prisoner by the magician. Ruland shows here that she also cuts a fine figure in fairy tales.

  • You can’t currently watch the fairytale tale “The Firebird” stream, but you can purchase it on DVD.

“At Fifty Men Kiss Differently” (1999)

A new life begins for Marie (Senta Berger). (© hr)

When her children are grown and her husband is hardly interested in them anymore, art historian Marie (Senta Berger) wants to concentrate more on painting again. But an infidelity with the doctor Eugen (Hans Peter Hallwachs) confuses things and then art critic Kevin (Martin Feifel) enters her life. Ruland can be seen in the role of Petra in the adaptation of Dorit Zinn’s novel.

“Tough Guys” (2000)

Puberty has its pitfalls. (© Highlight / Constantine)

Florian (Tobias Schenke) is in the middle of puberty and one morning realizes that his penis is talking to him. He talks him into a new self-confidence, but also demands sexual experience. Finally, the pubescent Leonie (Mina Tander) asks for a date – which begins the emotional chaos. In addition to stars like Andrea Sawatzki and Axel Stein, Tina Ruland can be seen here as a math teacher.

“Three women, one plan and big money” (2002)

The women are on target. (© Sat.1)

In the belongings of her husband Freddy (Marco Rima), Irmchen (Elfi Eschke) finds a map of a hiding place for money. The loot comes from a cash-in-transit heist hidden in the colliery. Together with her friends Ramona (Tina Ruland) and Nuray (Meral Perin) she finally digs for the money. Ruland once again proves her comedic talent in this TV film.

“My Daughters’ Wedding” (2006)

Can the daughters make their mother happy? (© Poseidon Home Entertainment)

Actually, Hilde (Ruth-Maria Kubitschek) leads a carefree life as a pensioner. Fortunately, she is still missing her three daughters getting married. With an alleged uncle who demands shares in the family villa, she wants to persuade her daughters to get married. In this turbulent comedy, Ruland shows that she can hold her own alongside long-established stars like Ruth-Maria Kubitschek.

“The Dream Couple” (2008)

Paula (Tina Ruland) and her husband Thomas (Timothy Peach). (© ARD)

Erwin (Jaecki Schwarz) and Günther (Wolfgang Winkler) are actually best friends – until one of them steals the other’s wife. The two are basically enemies, but Günther’s daughter is now married to Erwin’s son. When the pharmacist Anita (Susanne Uhlen) enters the lives of the elderly, the argument starts all over again. As Günther’s daughter Paula, Ruland tries to mediate between the two of them.

“The Crazy Weekend” (2009)

The Petzold couple even ended up behind bars. (© Sat.1)

Because the Swabian, conservative Petzold family does not want their 15-year-old daughter Lina (Isabel Bongard) to travel to Berlin alone, mother Hannah (Tina Ruland) and father Reinhard (Jörg Schüttauf) follow them as a precaution. But that’s just the start of a thoroughly chaotic weekend. In this fast-paced comedy, Ruland forms the educational contrast to fellow actor Schüttauf.

“Happiness is for wimps” (2018)

Can Jessica (Ella Frey) help her sister? (© Concorde)

Little Jessica (Ella Frey) and her big sister Sabrina (Emilia Bernsdorf) both have their problems. Sabrina is terminally ill, Jessica is always mistaken for a boy. The little girl discovers a ritual in a book that could help her sick sister – but for that Sabrina would have to sleep with a boy. Ruland can be seen as Melanie Kranz in the funny and sad tragic comedy.

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