Films with Nicki von Tempelhoff: The best of the German actor

Nicki von Tempelhoff gained acting experience on theater stages before shooting films and series. We want to present his best feature films to you here.

Nicki von Tempelhoff completed classical acting training at the Otto Falckenberg School in Munich, which gave him a solid foundation for his first stage engagements. Hamburg, Stuttgart and Berlin are just a few stations in his extensive theatrical career, which finally led the actor to film and television in 1996. The mime, who was born in Wuppertal and grew up in the Netherlands, made guest appearances in crime series such as “Küstenwache”, “SOKO Köln” and “Der Alte”. Meanwhile, Nicki von Tempelhoff can also show a few notable films, which we would like to present here in a small overview.

“The Experiment” (2001)

Tarek (Moritz Bleibtreu) did not expect these conditions. (© EuroVideo)

Taxi driver Tarek (Moritz Bleibtreu) finds an interesting offer in a newspaper ad: 4,000 marks await for participation in an experiment involving a simulated prison. Tarek embarks on this adventure as an undercover journalist and has no idea of ​​the dramatic direction in which events are developing. von Tempelhoff became known to a larger audience here alongside stars such as Bleibtreu and Christian Berkel.

“Rosamunde Pilcher: Shooting Stars in August” (2003)

Is John (Oliver Bootz) really Mandy’s (Elena Uhlig) great love? (© ZDF)

A country estate in southern England provides the framework for the picture-book marriage of Mandy (Elena Uhlig) and Roger Trevors (Nicki von Tempelhoff). But the happy togetherness is put to the test when veterinarian John Higgins (Oliver Bootz) returns – Mandy’s one-time great love. In the Pilcher film, Nicki von Tempelhoff shows that he also has an appreciation for kitschy stuff.

“The Way to You” (2005)

Mia (Sonsee Neu) and Patrick (Felix Eitner) step in front of the altar. (© ZDF / FFP Media)

The fun-loving theology student Mia Rosenblom (Sonsee Neu) travels from Stockholm to Liljeham to stand in for a sick pastor. On the way, Mia meets the single restorer Patrick (Felix Eitner), who immediately fascinates her. But Felix had to experience a heavy blow of fate. In the shallow love film, von Tempelhoff can be seen as Max Larkfeld.

“The Heir of Granlunda” (2009)

Karin (Simone Heher) and Tomas (Nicki von Tempelhoff) get closer. (© ZDF)

For veterinarian Karin Västervik (Simone Heher) and her ten-year-old son Jonas (Justus Kammerer), the visit to Gut Granlunda will probably have been their last. Because shortly afterwards owner Magnus Hansson (Horst Sachtleben) dies. When heir Tomas Frederikson (Nicki von Tempelhoff) shows up at the property, it becomes clear that he wants to sell as soon as possible. In this Lindstrom adaptation, too, von Tempelhoff shows his soft spot for love stories.

“Angel of Justice – Money or Life” (2015)

Patricia Engel (Katja Weitzenböck) has her hands full. (© ZDF)

As a lawyer specializing in medical liability law, Dr. Patricia Engel (Katja Weitzenböck) with the sensitive issue of euthanasia. A ruthless patient mediator is her current case. But she doesn’t have it easy in her private life either, because her husband has fallen in love again and wants to leave the family for Norway. Nicki von Tempelhoff also embodies Patricia’s husband Thomas in the fifth part of the dramatic TV crime series.

Back for Good (2016)

After her drug withdrawal, Angie (Kim Riedle) moves back in with her mother Monika (Juliane Köhler). But after the weaning, Kim faces the next challenge: she has to take care of her pubescent sister Kiki (Leonie Wesselow). But as a former reality show contestant, Angie still has a television career in mind. Nicki von Tempelhoff performs here as formerly successful musician Drew.

Paula (2016)

In 1900, Paula Becker (Carla Juri) has a big dream: she wants to be a painter. The young woman opposes the firm ideas of her family and prevailing social norms and goes to Worpswede in Lower Saxony. There she not only found a new circle of friends, but also indulged in expressionism. In the biopic, von Tempelhoff slips into the role of the German painter Fritz Macksensen.

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“Crime Scene: Solstice” (2018)

Volkmar (Nicki von Tempelhoff) clink glasses with Friedemann (Hans-Jochen Wagner). (© ARD)

In the Black Forest, the Böttgers work very hard on the family farm. But life on the farm changes drastically when the eldest daughter Sonnhild (Gro Swantje Kohlhof) suddenly dies. For the police duo Franziska Tobler (Eva Löbau) and Friedemann Berg (Hans-Jochen Wagner), however, the death raises questions. Nicki von Tempelhoff embodies the grieving father Volkmar Böttger in the TV thriller.

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“Amok Game” (2018)

Can Ira Samin (Franziska Weisz) stop Jan May (Kai Schumann)? (© Sat.1)

Jan May (Kai Schumann) has taken five hostages on a radio station. In a vile game, the hostages fear for their lives. Criminal psychologist Ira Samin (Franziska Weisz) takes over the case and tries to influence the kidnapper. But what connection does the perpetrator have to Ira? In the adaptation of Sebastian Fitzek’s novel of the same name, von Tempelhoff can be seen as police officer Oliver Götz.

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