Films with Janina Fautz: The best of German talent

Janina Fautz’s résumé is not that extensive yet, but the talent has made a few interesting films. Here you get an overview.

Janina Fautz first appeared in front of the camera as a reporter for the “Tigerenten Club” – at the age of eight. In 2005, the Mannheim native was discovered by director and cameraman Joseph Vilsmaier (“The Boandlkramer and Eternal Love”), which gave her her first role in the short film “The Christmas Bread”. Further engagements in film and television followed, and the young talent also began studying at the acting school of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart in 2020. But even without training, Janina Fautz has made some noteworthy films that we would like to present to you here.

“The Wild Things 4” (2007)

Nobody expected the silver lights. (© Universe)

Riding brand new motocross bikes, the Wild Things set out to win the Freestyle Soccer trophy against the infamous Wolves of Ragnarök. But the victory is only a side note, because then the silver lights appear around leader Horizon (Anna Mühlmeier) – and they don’t just want to play. Janina Fautz appears in the youth film series for the first time as Klette, who is initially a member of the wolves.

“DWK 5 – The Wild Things: Beyond the Horizon” (2008)

Leon (Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht) is kidnapped. (© Buena Vista)

Creepy shadow creatures kidnap Leon (Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht), the leader of the wild guys. With the other members, Vanessa (Sarah Kim Gries) is now trying to free her boyfriend from the creatures’ clutches – but they turn out to be vampires. In the fifth installment of the German children’s film series, Fautz reactivates her role as Klette, who defected from the wolves to the wild guys.

“The White Ribbon – A German Children’s Story” (2009)

The children have a hard life in Eichwald. (© Warner / X Rental)

The northern German village of Eichwald is characterized by strict hierarchies. The pastor (Burghart Klaußner), the baron (Ulrich Tukur) and the doctor (Rainer Bock) are in charge. But when several members of the village community fall victim to a series of strange accidents, the facade of the supposedly tranquil place crumbles. Fautz can be seen as Erna in Michael Haneke’s bitter moral painting.

“A Summer in Cape Town” (2010)

Sophie (Rebecca Immanuel) wants her husband back. (© ZDF / Studio Hamburg)

Dirk Engel (Philipp Moog) disappears to Cape Town overnight instead of just going on a business trip. But his wife Sophie (Rebecca Immanuel) doesn’t want to give up family happiness that quickly. So she follows him to get him back. Fautz plays Angela Engel, one of the daughters of the broken couple, in the at times cheesy TV movie.

“One Like Bruno” (2011)

Everything is still fine with the unequal duo. (© Lighthouse)

Radost (Lola Dockhorn) actually leads a tranquil life with her father Bruno (Christian Ulmen). Despite his oligophrenia, which gives him the intellectual abilities of a ten-year-old, Bruno has always been a loving father. But the relationship between the two changes when Radost hits puberty. In this touching and thought-provoking tragic comedy, Fautz plays the character of Sonja.

“V8 – You want to be the best” (2013)

The team before the important race. (© Universal)

David (Georg Sulzer) has a big dream – he wants to become a well-known racing driver. That’s why he works during the holidays to be able to buy his own kart. Finally, David, his sister Luca (Maya Lauterbach), Robin (Samuel Jakob) and Kiki (Klara Merkel) are selected as a team for a race. Fautz has a supporting role as Liv in the fast-paced racing film.

“There and Away” (2014)

Hannes (Florian David Fitz) thinks about euthanasia. (© 20th Century Fox / Majestic)

The annual bike ride with friends is coming up again for Hannes (Florian David Fitz) and his wife Kiki (Julia Koschitz). It is a custom that someone else from the group always determines the travel destination. Hannes chooses Belgium. On the way, the cyclist confesses to his circle of friends that he has ALS – and that he wants to use euthanasia in Belgium. Fautz plays her smallest role so far as a hip-hop artist.

“We Monsters” (2015)

Did Sarah (Janina Fautz) kill her friend Charlie (Marie Bendig)? (© good!movies / New Visions)

The world of pubescent Sarah (Janina Fautz) falls apart when her parents Paul (Mehdi Nebbou) and Christine (Ulrike C. Tscharre) separate. During an argument, Sarah kills her best friend Charlie (Marie Bendig) – and the divorced parents cover up the incident. In the drastic thriller drama, Fautz undoubtedly shows ambition as a character actress.

“1000 ways to describe rain” (2017)

The family sits in front of a closed door. (© Indigo)

Mike (Béla Gabor Lenz) hasn’t come out of his room for weeks, the door remains locked. Neither his parents Thomas (Bjarne Mädel) and Susanne (Bibiana Beglau) nor his sister Miriam (Emma Bading) get through to him – which ultimately forces the parents to reflect on themselves. Fautz plays the role of Miriam’s best friend Elli in the gripping drama.

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