Films with Gesine Cukrowski: The best of the German actress

As a series actress, Gesine Cukrowski became known to a wide audience. But the actress also has a few notable films in her vita.

As the daughter of a qualified engineer and a nurse, Gesine Cukrowski does not seem to have inherited her acting talent from her parents at first glance. But since her mother also worked as a freelance artist, her penchant for films seems to have something to do with her parents’ home. After studying German and theater studies, Cukrowski first devoted herself to religious studies and psychology before studying acting. Born in Berlin, she gained greater fame in TV series such as “Und bye!” and “The Last Witness”. In addition to her stage engagements and series appearances, Gesine Cukrowski has also made a few interesting films, of which we would like to present the best to you here.

“The Bremen Town Musicians” (2009)

The four animal companions. (© Telepool)

A donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster have dutifully performed their duties on a farm for years. When the farmer wants to process the animals into soup, the mismatched team flees and tries to be town musicians. On the way to Bremen, the group meets farmhand Johann (Johannes Zirner) and the farmer’s daughter Lissi (Anna Fischer). Cukrowski can be seen in the adaptation of Grimm’s fairy tales as the farmer’s wife Martha.

“Avenging Angel – A Cold Plan” (2010)

Can Tina Campenhausen (Gesine Cukrowski) solve the case? (© ZDF)

Inspector Tina Campenhausen (Gesine Cukrowski) actually only wants to spend the weekend with her family, but is then called to a hotel in Travemünde. What initially looks like suicide quickly turns out to be a fallacy. But Tina does not take the case lightly – because she knows the dead man. Gesine Cukrowski shows here that she is also in good hands in exciting thrillers.

“Marie Brand and the Last Ride” (2011)

Veronika Herrenstett (Gesine Cukrowski) is being questioned. (© Sat.1 Emotions)

When roller coaster manufacturer Carl Coburg (Jochen Kolenda) is killed in a ghost train, Marie Brand (Mariele Millowitsch) and Jürgen Simmel (Hinnerk Schönemann) are put on the case. Does the former employee Bruno Teilbach (Hans-Jochen-Wagner) have anything to do with it? Gesine Cukrowski can be seen in the ZDF crime series as the designer and potential perpetrator Veronika Herrenstett.

“Dora Heldt: At least it’s not cold when it’s hot” (2012)

The trio is still having fun. (© Studio Hamburg)

When Doris’ (Christine Neubauer) husband Torsten (Eckhard Preuss) is planning a lavish family celebration for her 50th birthday, she flees with her friends Anke (Birge Schade) and Katja (Gesine Cukrowski) to a spa hotel on the Baltic Sea. But the relaxed excursion develops into chaos. Cukrowski shines in the adaptation of the novel by Dora Heldt as part of a strong trio of women.

“Katie Fforde: Gift Years” (2014)

What does the future hold for Nel (Gesine Cukrowski)? (© ZDF and Jacob Hutchings)

After successfully battling cancer, Nel (Gesine Cukrowski) wants to go back to her old life. But that changed a lot during her absence. Her father is thinking about selling the family winery and her husband Marc (Harald Krassnitzer) is having an affair. Even if the TV series doesn’t skimp on kitsch, Cukrowski convinces here as a strong woman who doesn’t let herself be beaten.

“Inga Lindstrom: Family Ties” (2016)

How will Eva (Gesine Cukrowski) decide? (© ZDF)

After an affair, Carl (Siegfried Terpoorten) and Eva (Gesine Cukrowski) dare to start over. A holiday in the country is supposed to be a fresh start for the couple, but Carl’s affair has left its mark. Because Eva feels attracted to horse breeder Per (Thure Riefenstein). This love story doesn’t skimp on kitschy moments either, but Cukrowski gets the best out of her role.

“Team Alpine: Downstream” (2018)

The trio is looking forward to working together. (© ZDF and Andreas Fischer)

Highly motivated, Martina (Johanna von Gutzeit), Uli (Daniel Fritz) and Rupert (Daniel Gawlowski) start their new alpine school. However, a tragic accident happens at an outdoor event held by Rupert’s old friend Tom (Max Hemmersdorfer) and his company – and the alpine company is on the brink of collapse. Gesine Cukrowski can be seen in the TV drama as Sophia Bischof, who sustained a head injury at the event.

“Double Room for Three” (2018)

Hilde (Gesine Cukrowski) also takes problems with her on the journey. (© ZDF)

After the accidental death of her husband, Anne (Simone Thomalla) still has the opportunity to have a child from him. Because Nico (Matthias Komm) had egg cells frozen in Amsterdam. The widow sets off with Hilde (Gesine Cukrowski) and Conny (Nadine Wrietz). But her friends have their own problems too. Here Cukrowski proves her sense for tragicomic subjects.

“Christmas Daughters” (2020)

Will the siblings get together? (© ZDF)

Shortly before Christmas, the three daughters of the large baker Johann König (Peter Lerchbaumer) meet unplanned. But Regina (Gesine Cukrowski), Diana (Felicitas Woll) and Katarina (Elena Uhlig) don’t like each other at all. But their father’s legacy forces the unlikely siblings to spend time together. Cukrowski once again proves her comedic skills in the Christmas film.

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