Films with David Kross: The Best of German Talent

David Kross has been in the business for twenty years and has already made a number of films. We would like to introduce you to his most important performances here.

David Kross found acting in 2003 with a children’s theater group. Although the native of Schleswig-Holstein initially played basketball for TSV Bargteheide in the years that followed, other stage engagements in which he was allowed to play leading roles drew him to the performing arts. It is thanks to Detlev Buck’s daughter Bernadette that the director invited Kross to a casting that gave the talented young actor the leading role. But David Kross still has a few more films in his vita, which we would like to present to you here.

“Help, I’m a Boy!” (2002)

Things will get really bad for Emma (Sarah Hannemann). (© Universum Film)

At the age of eleven, Emma (Sarah Hannemann) felt enormous pressure. Her mother has great expectations of the offspring and the caustic swimming coach wants to push her to peak performance. One evening the girl wishes she were someone else. A magic actually takes care of it – only differently than planned. David Kross proves his talent early on in the role of Paddy.

“Badass” (2006)

It’s not easy for Michael (David Kross). (© Delphi Film Distribution / Universum Film)

When the relationship with her wealthy lover Dr. Peters (Jan Henrik Stahlberg) falls apart, Miriam Polischka (Jenny Elvers) and her son Michael (David Kross) move out of the villa – to the Neukölln district. While the mother is looking for a job, her son falls into a gang. Directed by Detlev Buck, Kross credibly plays the main role of an overwhelmed young man who has to find his way around.

  • The drastic milieu study “Knallhart” is currently not available in the stream, but you can purchase the film on DVD.

“Hands Off Mississippi” (2007)

Can Emma (Zoë Mannhardt) save the horse? (© Universum Film)

Ten-year-old Emma (Zoë Mannhardt) is actually looking forward to spending the holidays with her grandmother Dolores (Katharina Thalbach) in the country. But the vacation doesn’t get any easier because the girl has big plans: She wants to save the old horse Mississippi from the deceased neighbor from the slaughterhouse. In the film adaptation of Cornelia Funke’s children’s book, Kross appears as the baker’s apprentice Bröckel.

Krabat (2008)

How long can Krabat (David Kross) resist black magic? (© 20th Century Fox)

The orphan Krabat (David Kross) does an apprenticeship in a secluded mill. But he soon realizes that it is a place of black magic. Like the eleven other journeymen, the master (Christian Redl) pulls him deeper and deeper into the dark magic. But then Krabat realizes that only love can save him. In Marco Kreuzpaintner’s interpretation of the Sorbian folk tale, Kross is convincing as a confused and fascinated apprentice.

  • While you can’t currently watch Krabat streaming, you can purchase it on Blu-ray and DVD instead.

“The Reader” (2008)

Books shape the relationship between Hanna (Kate Winslet) and Michael (David Kross). (© Universum Film / UFA / Senator)

A chance encounter on the street is the beginning of a great love for 36-year-old Hanna (Kate Winslet) and young student Michael (David Kross). Hanna is illiterate, which is why it has become a regular ritual for Michael to read books to her. Hanna disappears without a trace and turns up years later as a defendant in a trial about the murder of concentration camp prisoners. David Kross proves his talent as a character actor alongside established Hollywood stars.

“Same Same But Different” (2009)

Benjamin (David Kross) has to get used to the hustle and bustle. (© Universum Film)

While on vacation in Cambodia, Benjamin (David Kross) meets bar girl Sreykeo (Apinya Sakulijaroensuk) and they fall in love. But the young girl also works as a prostitute – and has HIV. Against all odds, Ben finally decides to live with Sreykeo. In the gripping drama by Detlev Buck, Kross once again shows how quickly he developed into a character actor.

“Michael Kohlhaas” (2013)

Michael Kohlhaas (Mads Mikkelsen) wants justice. (© Polyband)

When horse dealer Michael Kohlhaas (Mads Mikkelsen) gets caught up in the henchmen of the unscrupulous governing baron (Swann Arlaud), his life changes completely. He gets his pawned animals back in critical condition, farmhand César (David Bennent) is injured and his wife Judith (Delphine Chuillot) dies. Kohlhaas opts for vigilantism. Kross appears here as a preacher.

Boy 7 (2015)

Will Sam (David Kross) regain his memory? (© Koch Media)

Young Sam (David Kross) wakes up in a subway tunnel and can’t remember anything, not even his name. But a diary in his handwriting and a young woman with similar burns put the identityless man on the trail of a conspiracy. Kross shines in the opaque thriller as a confused young man desperately searching for his past.

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“Trautmann” (2018)

Trautmann (David Kross) makes a career as a goalkeeper. (© capelight pictures / AL!VE)

Bernhard Trautmann (David Kross) is a German officer and a prisoner of war in a British camp in 1945. There he is spotted by local football coach Jack Friar (John Henshaw), who recognizes his goalkeeping skills. Although there is a lot of headwind for the German, he ultimately has an unparalleled professional football career. In the partly true sports drama, Kross proves once again that he likes characters with rough edges.

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