Filippo Nogarin, the former mayor of Livorno indicted for multiple manslaughter in the 2017 flood investigation

The former mayor of Livorno Filippo Nogarin was indicted by the Livorno gup for multiple manslaughter as part of the procedure for theflood in the Tuscan city of 10 September 2017 in which eight people died. The same judge has instead acquitted Riccardo Pucciarelli, the former commander of the municipal police then head of the municipal civil protection, who had chosen the shortened procedure. The trial will open on 12 May in front of the single judge Ottavio Mosti.

The investigation that brought Nogarin to trial – elected mayor of Livorno for the M5s in 2014, in office as mayor until 2019, currently president of Metropark, a company of the FS group – was opened the day after the sudden wave of bad weather that discharged an enormous quantity of water on Livorno. The devastation was caused by three ‘tombati’ streams: water, mud and debris invaded the houses that were along their courses at night and took away eight people including a 4-year-old child, his parents and grandfather. The investigations, initially against unknown persons, led to Nogarin’s involvement in January 2018: this was revealed by the former mayor himself on Fb, explaining that he was questioned by the public prosecutors of Livorno. The prosecutor contested Nogarin and Pucciarelli, now acquitted, not the failure to foresee what happened but in substance the inertia of their conduct that night when, among other things, no alarm was raised to the population.

Nogarin has always claimed the correctness of the conduct carried out on the night of the tragedy which, are his words in the end-of-term report in April 2019, “has indelibly marked me and my soul”: “Seeing eight people lose their lives in a few hours, in their own city , when we all thought we were safe, it is not acceptable ”. The former mayor told theAdnkronos to be “happy that Riccardo Pucciarelli has been acquitted” and “serene about the outcome of the trial against me: thanks to the enormous amount of technical and independent material that we have collected, we will also demonstrate the correctness of my work. What hurts is knowing that for a few more years I will have to lead a suspended existence ”.

Among the facts contested by the prosecutor, led by the chief prosecutor Ettore Squillace Greco, the former mayor has it dismantled the structure of civil protection, appointing Pucciarelli to the top, commander of the traffic police in possession of only a political science degree, instead of the previous manager who would have had a much more adequate qualification. The former mayor was also charged with not having had any telephone contact with the Municipality or with the other entities that were involved in the rescue for the entire night of the disaster.

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