Filed the lawsuit against Scanzi filed by Gianluca Pecchini on the “Aurora Leone case”

The lawsuit filed by ends with a filing Gianluca Pecchiniformer general manager of the Italian National Singers Association, against the journalist Andrea Scanzi. The decided it Gip of Arezzo which, in the filing order, summarized the facts. Last May, on the eve of the well-known Partita del Cuore, Aurora Leo – member of the comedy collective The Jackal – he had denounced on social networks Pecchini, accusing him of engaging in male and sexist behavior. During dinner, in fact, according to what was reported by Aurora Leone, Pecchini she said, “You’re a woman, you can’t stay here. Women don’t play.”

Aurora Leone’s denunciation outraged public opinion and Gianluca Pecchini he was forced to resign. Andrea Scanzi commented on the incident on his page Facebook: “A figure emerges from Aurora Leone’s story retrograde, sexist And inadmissiblewho utters truly horrendous sentences – and added – What clicked in Pecchini’s head to get to say such crap? They are hallucinatory and abominable phrases, which would have seemed excessively strong even in a vulgar comedy of the late seventies”.

The Gip, in the dismissal order, he pointed out that the comment of Andrea Scanzi it was fully justified by the caliber of the subjects involved and by the public discussion that had arisen on social networks. The expressions of the journalist, in fact, were considered legitimate and aimed at stigmatizing the problem of discrimination against women: “It is believed that the expressions used – certainly scathing – did not constitute a gratuitous attack on the person. Instead, as can be deduced from the complete reading of the aforementioned post, the episode in question, in the perspective of today’s suspect, could become a concrete example of cultural backwardness with respect to the (very current) theme of female discrimination in Italy “.

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