File 81: Meet the new Netflix thriller series produced by James Wan

File 81, a new thriller series from Netflix, had his idea taken from a popular podcast in the United States. The director James Wan | assumes the production of this work, using the expertise in the genre that he acquired with works such as Invocacao do Mal, Maligno, among others.

The story follows Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie), a young man who works as an archivist and restorer of old tapes. One day, he is tasked with restoring a series of tapes dating from 1994, and pores over the images — which he discovers to be the work of a documentary filmmaker, Melody (Dina Shibabi).

She was researching a satanic sect, and met a tragic fate. Increasingly obsessed with the scenes and with Melody, Dan starts to get in touch with the supernatural when he starts to think he can save the documentary filmmaker from her fate, even though the case happened more than 25 years ago.

The eight episodes of Archive 81 fly by: the progressive interest in the story is commendable, the result of a beautiful work by the writers, producers and actors of the series. The way the two time-separated stories begin to come together is done with praise, and never defying the audience’s intelligence. See the full review:

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