Fifa: the most famous football game changes its name!

By Cécile D. Published on May 13, 2022 at 8:58 p.m.

Don’t call it Fifa anymore… The world famous video game is changing its name and becoming EA Sports FC from 2024. Electronic Arts has given up the famous license, because of its too high price.

In less than 30 years, it has become one of the most famous games in the world, an undisputed leader in the field of sports games: Fifa soon bows out. Or rather, the saga changes its name, to become EA Sports FC. This year again, fans of the license will be able to afford FIFA 23but from next year the saga will continue under the title of “EA Sports FC 2024“.

Electronic Arts has abandoned its partnership with the International Football Federationbecause of the too high price of the license: the latter goes from 150 to $250 millionaccording to France Inter. The video game publisher therefore prefers to change the identity of its flagship game.

Will the future Fifa therefore evolve drastically? Aficionados can be reassured: EA has kept its agreements with the other leagues and football federations, and can therefore continue to use the name and image of the teams and players well-known footballers. On the other hand, the World Cup should no longer be playable in the next titles of the license.

The Fifa game is a real goose for EA, which wants to save this bestseller as much as possible. With 29 opuses of the game, 325 million copies sold since 1993 and 20 billion dollars in turnoverFifa has established itself on the front of the video game scene and still seems unbeatable.

The International Football Federation, for its part, does not completely leave the world of video games. In a statement, FIFA said that ” Gaming in football (…) cannot be the sole prerogative of a single party controlling all rights. Signing contracts with other game publishers would be of paramount importance for FIFA. (…) FIFA will launch games and virtual experiences Around the 2022 FIFA World Cup, other projects are also being studied with several publishers, with a view to the next Women’s World Cup. »

In one form or another, FIFA games therefore have a long life ahead of them…

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