FIFA in the hands of Qatar, England in shock

Like other European nations, England gave up the rainbow ‘One Love’ armband in the face of threats from FIFA.

Like Hugo Lloris, England captain Harry Kane gave up the rainbow-colored “One Love” armband for the World Cup in Qatar. It must be said that FIFA did its utmost to dissuade the selections from wearing this armband by threatening the captains with a yellow card even before the kick-off of the match for non-compliant clothing. In the aftermath of England’s victory against Iran (6-2) and this renunciation of the English Federation to wear this armband in LGBTQ + colors, the British press was very critical of FIFA. but also of the English federation. “Yes, it’s a surrender. Yes, it’s a white flag rather than a rainbow armband. But this shameful rollback should cast a far fiercer and far more damning critical light on FIFA and the Qatari organizers.” can we read in the columns of the Daily Mirror.

The English press destroys FIFA and Qatar

“England’s protest has always been a hollow gesture. But the real villains here are still FIFA” plague for its part the Daily Mail, preferring to attack FIFA which bends to the rules of Qatar rather than criticizing the English federation. BBC journalist Alex Scott was present at the edge of the lawn for the match between England and Iran on Monday afternoon. She was brave enough to wear the rainbow-coloured ‘One Love’ armband despite pressure from FIFA and Qatar. A gesture hailed in its edition of the day by The Telegraph, which regrets that Harry Kane and the English selection did not have the same courage as the presenter of the BBC. Anyway, FIFA and the Qatari organizers have not finished being criticized on this subject while several European selections have been forced to give up this armband, including the French team. For his part, Hugo Lloris publicly announced that he had agreed to wear the classic armband of the world body, explaining that he wanted to respect local rules.

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