Fiasco at “Bares for Rares”: Soured seller breaks off in frustration

If you have a specific price in mind, you can experience the blue miracle at “Bares for Rares”. Seller Michael Vieten can sing a contrite song about it.

Michael Vieten from Mönchengladbach has already obtained a number of offers for his heirloom in the run-up to his visit to “Bares for Rares”. He should have gone into one of them, because expert Albert Maier did not agree with the prices called for there. But first things first. The commercial clerk once inherited an oil painting from his father, which, however, did not match the other furnishings in his apartment. So it should go.

The expert initially recognized that it was a work by the well-known painter Frank Stegmann, which was more than 150 years old. Since the artist himself is well traded, everything initially went according to plan. However, the matter had a crucial catch. The rather simply painted picture of the Lorenz Church in Nuremberg differs significantly from the painter’s more popular and incomparably more colorful motifs, for which far higher prices are paid than for this rather simple sacred inner life. Accordingly, the desired price of 2,500 euros is clearly too high. “I can’t breathe,” was Albert Maier’s clear comment to the seller.

Seller prefers to try his luck elsewhere

Albert Maier was sure that 800 to 1000 euros was the maximum the painting could fetch. Michael Vieten did not want to part with his picture for this sum. He referred to an interested party who years ago wanted to pay up to 4,800 Deutschmarks and other offers that would be available to him. He was recently offered 1,500 euros in art shops. Under these circumstances, he wanted to do without the dealer card and would rather become active again himself, said the disappointed seller. In these cases, things went much better with “Bares for Rares”, as you can see in the Video can watch.

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“Bares for Rares” runs on weekdays at 3:05 p.m. on ZDF, the offshoot ZDF Neo broadcasts repeats at 10:55 a.m. and at 7:20 p.m. The concept has not changed to this day. People like Michael Vieten have their exhibits evaluated by experts and then haggle over the price in the dealer’s room.

You can stream the ZDF program at In the free trial month, you can test the offer from over 180 different channels.

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