Fiasco at “Bares for Rares”: Bizarre seller goes swimming with absurd asking price

Everything but ordinary at “Bares for Rares”: With Norbert Morkes, a real one-of-a-kind traveled to the junk show and Detlev Kümmel and Co. have never seen his exhibits like this before. In the end, however, it wasn’t enough for the really big monetary coup.

Norbert Morkes has danced at many weddings in his life. As an event manager and creative artist, he is well known in his hometown of Gütersloh. After he founded the association BfGT Bürger für Gütersloh e. V., he made it into the town hall there in 2020 and has been in office and dignified as mayor ever since.

During this new task, he discovered some discarded voting machines that were actually used to conduct elections in the Federal Republic of Germany. The sympathetic mayor then decided to offer the rare good at “Bares for Rares”. On site, the slightly extroverted patron immediately caught the eye with his easy-going flippant manner. Nobby, as he was nicknamed, acted like the living opposite of the cliché of a professional politician, probably also because he didn’t join until he was almost 70 years old. His affinity for the first-name form was particularly amusing, and he did not stop at the expert Detlev Kümmel. His loud “Detlev!” could certainly be heard as far away as Düsseldorf, even if the expert had no idea what Norbert Morkes was asking for. He considered the 1,500 euros to be completely absurd and countered with a maximum of 600 euros. No problem for Nobby, who admitted he had no idea and accepted the dealer card. He only fantasized about the desired price anyway.

300 euros instead of 1,500 euros: the seller is happy anyway

In the dealer’s room, the three voting machines and their salesman caused some amusement, but nobody could really relate to the historical pieces. More for fun, Julian Schmitz-Avila finally offered the highest sum of 300 euros and Norbert Morkes accepted. Even if he only achieved a fifth of his original asking price, he remained happy and left in a good mood. You can find out more about the mayor at the website of the city of Gütersloh. Far more money was paid for these pieces, as you can see in the video.

Cash for Rares: The 5 most expensive pieces

“Bares for Rares” runs on weekdays at 3:05 p.m. on ZDF. The offshoot ZDF Neo broadcasts repeats at 8:50 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. The concept of the show hasn’t changed to this day: people like Norbert Morkes have their goods appraised by experts and then haggle over the selling price in the dealer’s room. However, this is not always crowned with success.

How well would you do at “Bares for Rares”? Test yourself in the quiz:

Are you a scrap collector or antiques dealer: Test your “Bares for Rares” knowledge

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