Fiancee? Sara Matos displays “suspicious ring” and marks special date

Sara Matos and Pedro Teixeira have been living days of great happiness. The couple welcomed little Manuel in their arms on September 15th, and since then they have resorted to social media to show some details of the “new life” that is now being made “as three.

On this Wednesday night, November 24, the actress resorted to Instagram again to mark (in a discreet way) the 10 weeks of the boy’s life, sharing a record of the baby’s room where you can read: “10 weeks [10 semanas]”.

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However, as TVGuia tells us, the couple made a rare appearance in public on the occasion of the premiere of “Irregular”, a film in which Pedro Teixeira is the protagonist, and one detail caught the attention of those present, as Sara Matos would be wearing a “ suspicious ring” that he insisted on showing some friends.

The magazine reveals that it questioned whether they were engaged, and the answer leaves the question hanging: “In fact, she showed that ring to a lot of people and everyone congratulated her, but no one talked about getting engaged“, can read.

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