Fial’s cabinet asked for trust …

Prime Minister Petr Fiala (57, ODS) addressed the deputies at nine o’clock in the morning. he repeated that he wants to move the Czechia among the most developed countries in the world. That the cabinet wants to have the pension reform completed by the end of next year and that 10,000 more flats should be built annually. And that the country under his administration does not intend to live on debt. “The state should save on itself, not on the citizens,” Fiala assured the citizens of the promised cuts.

There is no chatter like chatter

The subsequent multi-hour debate was then started by former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (67, YES). The one who had previously complained that the Chamber of Deputies was a bastard had made his speech for eighty minutes. “We really can’t support a government that deliberately deceives citizens, promises what it can never deliver, and instead of concrete solutions, it offers shabby phrases and meaningless phrases,” Babiš thundered. “The juggling plant means when the person in question does not speak up and acts only to present himself for the media. My speech was full of concrete facts, unlike Prime Minister Fiala’s speech and the program statement, which is a mixture of soaring promises, vague statements, commitments without deadlines and meaningless phrases, “Aha! Babiš.

No surprises

Did Fiala and his team leave with confidence in the end? That was not clear until the deadline of this issue. However, the opposite result was not expected. The five-party coalition of ODS, KDU-ČSL, TOP 09, STAN Pirátů has a total of 108 deputies. To express confidence, it was enough to have an absolute majority of the 200 members of the lower house, and only those present.

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