Fiala squirmed, Zeman has a covid!

Despite the fact that the public and doctors were not yet aware of the report of a positive covid at Zeman by this evening, the expert team described the convalescence in Lány without the doctor’s supervision as risky. “Mr. President and his family and closest associates have been repeatedly informed about his health condition, predictions of development and possible risks and complications. ÚVN continues to recommend as the most appropriate care provided in a specialized medical facility under the guidance of a professional medical team, “ said Jitka Zinke, a spokeswoman for the military hospital.

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President of Nova on Health, Covid and the new government: Zeman supported the restrictions for the unvaccinated

But the president enforced his and insisted on his release! The care of the president’s well-being was to be the care of the Senior Home Group, which received from the ÚVN all the necessary medical documentation and a care plan that determines how further care for the president should take place. But everything changed from minute to minute! Zeman began to show signs of SARS-COVID19, and that was reason enough to head back to the hospital!

The President and his powers in appointing ministers

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