Fiala promised households savings: How to face the price shock?


The so-called savings tariff is being prepared to help households. An example of how much households could save was outlined by the Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Síkela (55, for STAN). “Households that use only electricity for lighting, cooking and heating will be reimbursed by the state for a one-time discount exceeding CZK 11,000. They will pay a similar discount to households that shine with electricity and heat with gas. And households that light and heat water with electricity but heat with gas can even get a discount of over 15,000 crowns, “said the minister. The specific amount saved will depend on the customers’ tariff or consumption. “This measure will be automatic, there will be no need to ask for it somewhere. The state will provide the money directly to the distribution companies and they will reflect it in their invoicing to the customers, ie you. You will see it directly in the form of lower energy deposits, which you pay regularly, “Fiala added. The tariff will not apply to weekend properties or recharging electric cars.


From October until the whole of next year, companies and households will not have to pay a fee for renewable energy sources (RES), as the state will pay for them. This government measure should cost 23 billion crowns, but citizens should feel it in their energy bills. According to Fiala, households will save up to 600 crowns on every megawatt-hour of electricity consumed from the autumn. “It is a virtually imperceptible relief. But it is good that the government is doing this, because it is one way to help. If there are more of these methods – for example with an economy tariff, then the relief will be greater in the end, “said Aha! Chief Executive Officer of Trinity Bank Lukáš Kovanda.


And when it is worst, it is possible to ask the employment office for help in the form of housing allowance. The benefit is intended for those whose living expenses exceed one third of his income. “But this benefit must be actively applied for. I ask everyone not to be ashamed to do that. And to find out in time how and where to get this benefit, “the prime minister urges.

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