FFP2 masks, recruitment: the announcements of Jean-Michel Blanquer after the teachers’ strike

By Caroline J. Posted on January 14, 2022 at 9:52 am

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Following the important day of strike on January 13, the Minister of National Education met with the teachers’ unions this Thursday evening. Jean-Michel Blanquer announced several measures, including the distribution of five million FFP2 masks for “certain staff”, but also the recruitment of 3,300 contract workers to replace teachers absent due to the covid. We take stock of these announcements.

It was a historic mobilization day in National Education. This Thursday, January 13, 2022, the teachers went on strike and took to the streets to denounce the multiple health protocols put in place in schools. According to the Interior Ministry, 77,500 people demonstrated on Thursday, including 8,200 in Paris. For its part, the SNUipp-FSU, the first union of primary school teachers, cited 75% of strikers in schools.

Faced with the anger of many teachers, the Prime Minister Jean Castex and the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, received the unions this Thursday evening. At the end of this meeting, which will have lasted more than three hours, Jean-Michel Blanquer spoke, in order to detail the government actions. The minister made advertisement concerning first of all the distribution of FFP2 masks for “ some staff ». « 5 million FFP2 masks will be distributed in the school system to meet the needs “The Minister said, however, that the generalization “Of this mask for all personnel is not” necessarily desirable in itself ».

Concretely, these FFP2 masks will be distributed ” on demand »For example to staff in contact with disabled and at-risk children or to nursery school teachers. In addition, the ministry will also distribute to education personnel surgical masks starting at the start of next week.

The other announcement concerns the recruitment of 3,300 contract workers. Goal ? Quickly replace teachers, but also the educational assistants as well as administrative staff, absent due to covid-19. The ministry will also appeal to additional lists, that is to say to “ people who are on competition lists, and who thus fit into the function, especially in primary school “, has explained Jean-Michel Blanquer.

While the unions demanded the postponement of several assessment tests, the minister announced the postponement of CP evaluations « to a deadline that remains to be defined », Clarified Jean-Michel Blanquer. As a reminder, these events should have been held this month. On the other hand, no announcement was made concerning the baccalaureate specialties tests, scheduled in March. The minister said he was going, however, “ carry out an analysis again with the representative organizations ” in order to “ see if it is appropriate to have a postponement of these tests from March to June ».

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Finally, Jean-Michel Blanquer asserted that bimonthly meetings will be organized with the trade unions in order to take stock of the evolution of the health crisis.

As a reminder, the teachers’ unions must meet this Friday at the end of the day to decide on the follow-up to be given to the mobilization. So a new day of strike in schools will it be announced? Response in the coming days.

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