FFP2 masks : "Poor Mallards", the editorial of Jean-Michel Servant

In his editorial this Saturday, January 8, Jean-Michel Servant, deputy editor-in-chief of Midi Libre discusses the possible generalization of FFP2 masks, while the opinion of the health authorities on the issue has still not been delivered.

Clearly, nothing will have been spared us during this pandemic. After having caged us for months like hens, forced to queue like sheep in front of pharmacies and stung Pfizer like calves, now we are taken for poultry by hanging on our noses a “beak of a duck”.

Poor Mallards

To believe that this disease has fun transforming us into beasts. To protect our face gracefully, manufacturers could at least offer us masks that are a little less ridiculous than the FFP2. For example, with the effigy of fantastic creatures like the Gorgon, the Chimera or Pegasus. Mythical beings who would not make us pass for poor Mallards.

This Covid version of Plague-sick animals has at least one advantage: it gives our cities a country feel. That of a large farmyard where we meet while greeting Donald Duck and Calimero. Quack quack !

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