FFF: Graët fired, it’s not won!

At the heart of an investigation by both justice and the Ministry of Sports, Noël Le Graët is now awaiting the first conclusions for the end of January. But the Breton leader can very well choose not to leave his post, even in the turmoil.

Meeting this Thursday, the executive committee of the FFF has not taken any major decision concerning the situation of Noël Le Graët. The latest twists about the investigation now in the hands of justice for “moral harassment” and “sexual harassment” constitute a higher graduation of the situation, but without conviction, the leaders of the 3F deemed it impossible to rule. on his case. And anyway, Philippe Diallo, the interim president of the FFF, announces it, it is impossible to fire Noël Le Graët, or even to force him to resign. The statutes of the Federation mean that the Breton leader has full powers and can very well decide not to let them go, even if the situation becomes untenable. A situation that Diallo explained in the columns of L’Equipe.

The Comex can just put the pressure

The leader of the body first explained why the Comex meeting on Thursday had not taken any major decisions. ” The final conclusions will not be known until mid-February. The comex considers that it is necessary to have all the elements to decide definitively. At the end of the endings, the conclusions will lead Noël Le Graët to question himself, in his soul and conscience, about his situation. The comex confirmed its unanimous position which consists in awaiting the conclusions of the audit “, delivered Philippe Diallo, who then admitted that only Le Graët had the power to leave his post. ” There will be a common reading of the conclusions. As you say, the executive committee does not have any power over President Le Graët to force him to leave office. He can simply exert pressure. It will be up to him to judge “, Delivered Diallo, who therefore relies on the introspection and hindsight of Le Graët so that responsibilities are taken in the event of a damning report.

And if ever this should not be the case on the part of the Breton leader, an ultimate solution is possible with a general assembly convocation capable of revoking the entire Comex, including its president, and causing new elections. Quite a mess which is for the moment put on hold, the investigation of the Ministry of Sports to be concluded at the end of January, even if a first reading of the conclusions will be possible for the leaders concerned, Le Graët and Florence Hardouin in particular, so that they can defend themselves against the charges.

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