Fewer parliamentarians, but in the Chamber the costs remain the same. And with the cut of seats, the funds of the groups increase for each elected person

Less parliamentarians means less salaries. But no less money for groups: the chair cutting, in fact, did not coincide with a cut in funds. He’s a weirdo short circuit what happens at Room, where deputy posts decrease but the money that each group receives for each elected member increases. To tell it is the Corriere della Serareporting the data contained in the budget approved by the Bureau of Montecitorio on 13 July last. The government of Mario Draghi it was in crisis but the arrival of early elections was not yet certain. The return to the vote, as is known, would have reduced the number of MPs as a result of constitutional reform: and indeed in the Chamber the deputies have come down from 630 to 400while in Palazzo Madama the senators have decreased from 315 to 200.

In “multi-year forecast” from Deputies decided on July 13, however, it was decided not to change the “endowment” of the statei.e. the public funds allocated for the functioning of the Housewhich will continue to perceive 943 million euros each year also in 2023 is in the 2024. And therefore the cut of the 230 parliamentarian seats did not lead to savings. Certainly fewer seats mean less salaries: the fund for the “Members’ allowances” is actually decreased by 145 million of 2022 ai 93 of 2024. In the chapter on “contributions to groups”, however, the figures remain the same. Also in 2023 and 2024, in fact, Montecitorio will continue to provide 30.8 million euros to the various parliamentary formations. Despite the fact that the deputies have decreased by as much as a third. Making a quick division means that the money foreseen for each deputy increases by almost a third. If in the last legislature, in fact, the groups received 49 thousand euros for each of the 630 elected at the Roomin the one that has just begun they will get 77 thousand euros each for the 400 deputies. They cut the armchairs, but not the wallets.

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