Feud between trapper, requested indictment for Baby Gang and Simba La Rue and seven other young people

Six months after the shooting in Via di Tocqueville in Milan, which took place at dawn between 2 and 3 July, which led to a series of arrests last October, the Milan prosecutor’s office has requested the indictment of the two trappers Baby Gang And Simba La Rue. That night two Senegalese were shot in the legs. The prosecutor of Milan Francesca Crupi had already closed the investigation in recent weeks. As can be read in the deeds, the charges contested for various reasons, and in competition with two minors, are the same as contained in the precautionary custody order issued by the judge for preliminary investigations, Guido Salvini, i.e. brawl, robbery, injuries and illegal port of firearm. Now it will be up to a judge for the preliminary hearing to set the hearing date and the defendants will also be able to choose the abbreviated procedure. Meanwhile, the abbreviated trial is scheduled for March 28, before the investigating judge Giulio Fanales and with the so-called “feud between trapper” at the center, with arrests at the end of July, for Simba and 6 other defendants, accused for various reasons of injuries and robbery. The rival Baby Touché, according to the prosecution victim of a kidnapping last June, did not present the lawsuit for that fact, which is necessary according to the new legislation of the Cartabia reform. Two other young men are on trial with the ordinary rite.

Meanwhile Baby Gang remains in prison. According to the judge Guido Salvini the use of “cannabinoids” in this case is not “qualified as addiction in the strict sense but rather an expression of a lifestyle” common “to the enormous majority of those who are part of the world of trappers or frequent meeting places such as Corso Como” and in the same way the “consumption of alcohol” is “voluntary use” for “moments of meeting or musical performance”. The young man’s lawyer, the lawyer Niccolò Vecchioni, had asked that he be placed under house arrest at a community to “deal with problems relating to substance abuse”. For the judge, however, there are no reports on “any problematic use of psychotropic substances” by the trapper in the documents. According to the lawyer, it is a “provision highly open to criticism because it denies the right of treatment to a 21-year-old and belittles his pathological condition, assuming that the use of drugs and alcohol would be an ‘ordinary’ fact by a rapper and therefore it is a situation not deserving of any therapeutic intervention”.

Furthermore, explains the lawyer, “in another passage, the judge identifies as a reason for the need to keep him in prison the fact that my client would represent a negative model for his public, having exploited his illegal behavior to build his success as a artist, without considering that we are discussing a substantially uncensored subject who has embarked on a serious process of critical revision of his lifestyle”. For the investigating judge, “the presence of cannabinoids (moreover in undefined quantities)” in the case of Baby Gang, in prison for robbery of the two Senegalese and possession of a gun, cannot be “qualified as addiction”. And also a “psychiatric report” from the prison “does not report any relevant psychopathological elements“, if not his “antisocial and narcissistic” personality.
According to the judge, the 21-year-old “by choice refused any respect for the rules of social life, even exploiting this choice in terms of personal success”. And when he was arrested, another gun was found for him that was different from the one used by the group in the shooting

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