Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes: strengths, flaws, upcoming developments, suspicions and favorable circuits. What the upcoming F1 races will say

The victory of Imola? No, it wasn’t an anomaly. This Red Bull it’s very strong and scary. It can only be otherwise, if Max Verstappen he took everything there was to win in this boot of World (including the Imola Sprint Race), excluding the retreats of Sakhir And Melbourne which confirmed the skill and reliability of one Ferrari competitive, but now two tenths apart. And among the fans of the Cavallino a bit of fear began to make its way, which in two races covered the great (and right) enthusiasm generated after two seasons in the rear. But nothing that cannot to retrieveespecially if between two Sundays a Barcelona an important evolutionary package from Maranello.

Ferrari, tire wear to improve
The latest appointments, meanwhile, have said that the red he is very strong in qualifying, but has some difficulties on the race pace and on tire management: le Soft in Sprint Race of Imola, medium and hard al Santerno it’s at You love me. And in particular, the consumption of soft is the problem that worries the most Charles Leclercwho after the race in the US admitted the superiority of rivals: “In the last two GPs they have done better than us in the long-runs and in the management of the reds, while in qualifying we manage to take them to the correct window of use “. We therefore need an answer, invoked by Mattia Binottowhich, after the race of the Floridahe used words that give hope: “The package we will bring to Montemeló it will be important – said the team principal – but not the most important of the season“.

Ferrari, the updates planned for Barcelona
A sign of great work by the team, which was not only dedicated to design of F1-75 for all of 2021 and early 2022, but also to yours development. Updates to respond to those already introduced by Milton Keynes will be targeted at the bottom area, with a new specification to drastically reduce the problem of porpoising (the hopping on the straight, ed) suffered in the last two races. Can also expect one F1-75 in lower trim, to create that downforce plus on a track that asks for a lot, so as to download the hind wings which will be brought specifically for the race. TO MaranelloIn the meantime, we are working hard to get the red one to whiz at Montmeló, as he had already done in the first tests of the season. On a track that, after the straight of You love mehe could smile back at her, given the known strength of one single-seater which is very fast in medium-high load curves, but will need to improve when exiting the lens.

The Red Bull tweaks and the next tracks: from Barcelona to Baku
Solutions that should launch the Cavallino in the battle against Red Bull, now ahead of a handful of tenths. If in Imola many gave the RB18 at a disadvantage, the almost 10 kg removed later Melbourne (795 kg is the minimum weight by regulation, rider included) have made it possible to improve tire wear. The difference, however, was also made by new ones new brake calipers and lightened mechanical components, as well as some tweaks to the bottom and an improved one reliability: overheating of the front brakes in Bahrain has been solved with larger air intakes, while the power unit’s Verstappen (after the Melbourne knockout) was sent in Japanat home Honda, to ensure that such retreats never happen again. TO Barcelonawe should expect another duel on the edge of the tenths, where the strategy and management of tires will count a lot. Then, from the sun and the humidity of the Cataloniait will fly to Montecarlo, another track made up of braking and on paper in favor of the red. So, it will be the turn of a other circuit citizenthat of Baku, which however guarantees long straight for a super-competitive Red Bull. Just remember last year’s GP, when Verstappen was dominating the Mercedes from Hamiltonbefore the outbreak of the left hindquarters Pirelli in full straight.

Binotto, the veiled warning to the FIA ​​on the budget cap
Here, then, is why nothing is lost for the Ferrari and his fans. See the numbers of last season, the one that will remain in the annals for the overtime duel Verstappen-Hamilton lasted until the last (very controversial) lap of Abu Dhabi. At the beginning of the world championship, the Dutchman won five of the first nine GPs, against only three claims by Hamilton who then won by force at Silverstone – sending his rival to 51 of G force against the Cops barriers -, thus starting a comeback completed at Jeddah and before Yas Marina. And another reason that gives hope, reading Binotto’s words, concerns the limit of budget Postal Codethe cap on salaries for the teams set this year at 140 million dollars (132 million euros approximately), five less than in 2021: “I think at some point Red Bull will have to stop develop, otherwise it would not be explained how they do it ”. A veiled invitation from the team principal to the Fia, called to investigate the expenses of the teams. And if there are also those who say that three-quarters of the total budget on developments (of about 10 million dollars), has been reached by Red Bull, Ferrari has yet to bring its updates. With the merit, however, of having designed a reliable and competitive base car, born from the minds of those responsible for aerodynamics, Enrico Cardile And David Sanchez.

Jacques Villeneuve and the trip to Hamilton
In Barcelona, ​​then, there will be curiosity to see if the growth of the Mercedes will be reconfirmed after Miami. The upgrades brought to Florida have partially worked, since Stuttgart turned out to be the third force of championship – the new rear wing and the cut on the end plate of the front wing, for a better resistance to advancement -, even if the annoying problems of porpoising on the straight have not been solved. In the meantime, however, George Russell finished again in front of Lewis Hamilton, and the seven-time world champion, engaged in the battle against the FIA ​​on jewels, is increasingly demoralized. While another world champion like him, Jacques Villeneuvethrew the broadside in his column a “I think we have seen the definitive change of guardGeorge is riding the wave, while Lewis is trying not to drown – the Canadian says again – Now Lewis has to drive as he did in his first two years in Formula 1we’ll see if he still has the desire to do it, in the meantime his luck seems to be disappearance“.

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