Fernanda Medrado calls the police after a neighbor curses her son: “Homophobic and prejudiced”

A rapper Fernanda Medrado, who was in The Farm 13, decided to call the police after a neighbor verbally attacked his son, calling him a “faggot” and a “little sissy”.

On her Instagram, she shared photos of two military police vehicles parked in the aggressor’s building and captioned: “Wasn’t it just in the presence of the police that you were going to get off? You will apologize to my son, yes,” she wrote.

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Indignant with the situation, Fernanda showed herself nervous: “I saw this one from my window […] call my son a sissy, okay? I want to see mess with my son! It’s about to be born… Son of a bitch. Mariquinha is the fuck! Even if it was… Loose, he thought it was bad, he was going to my door”, he shouted.

“Did the handsome one appear? The hottie that was cursing my fag son at the window? Look here people, my son playing on this shitty court, then the hot one comes along to call my son a sissy, the handsome one”, he continued.

“He likes to make others embarrassed, he will embarrass everyone to know that he lives next door to a homophobe. Prejudiced! I’m disgusted with prejudiced people. If he does this with a child, who doesn’t even know it yet, imagine what the guy doesn’t do with people on the street. Prejudiced! I won’t let it go!”, he blurted out.

“Either go downstairs and apologize, or I’ll call the police. I’m nervous! Anyone who has children must be feeling the same way as I am. I don’t want money, I don’t want to sue, no. But I will call the police. Homophobic will not pass! Even more with my son?! It’s double, double!”, he concluded.

Fernanda Medrado called the police for homophobic neighbor – Photo: Reproduction/ [email protected]

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