"fergie" unpacks: When Princess Diana was arrested

“Fergie” unpacks
When Princess Diana was arrested

When people talk about Diana these days, it’s usually just about the suffering she felt within the British royal family. However, the princess also had a lively side. She was even arrested at Sarah Ferguson’s bachelorette party.

Sarah Ferguson apparently had an unforgettable bachelorette party ahead of her royal wedding to ex-husband Prince Andrew in 1986 – with her friend Princess Diana by her side. On the US star Kelly Clarkson’s show, “Fergie” now spoke about the wild bash in which she and Diana were also arrested in front of a nightclub. What happened?

The two disguised themselves as police officers at the time, according to the 63-year-old. In the club, a waiter then approached her and said: “Sorry, this is a club for fun. We don’t serve police officers here.” Clarkson then asked again: “You thought you were real police officers?” Ferguson replied, “Yes!”

“And then we got arrested”

However, as they exited the club in their costumes, Diana broke out of her cop role when she saw another woman wearing a dress she also owned. “She’s wearing my dress,” she is said to have called out loudly at the time as “Fergie.” “It was really funny and then we got arrested,” Ferguson added, “for pretending to be police officers.”

“I missed that story, didn’t I?” Clarkson then asked in astonishment. Fergie said they both had to sit in the back seat of a van, where Diana found and ate a portion of chips, she recalled. The policeman in the front seat then scolded: “You can’t do that!” Only then did he realize that he had the two royal women in the back seat.

Ferguson also shared how much she misses Diana, who died in a car crash in 1997. Diana was with her “all day”. “You and I, we laughed so much. We got into trouble a lot.”

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