Felix Neureuther touchingly says goodbye to Mama Rosi

Felix Neureuther (38) commemorates his deceased mother. Rosi Mittermaier (✝72), one of the most successful German ski racers, died on Wednesday surrounded by her loved ones. The athlete is said to have died of cancer, which she had been fighting for a long time. Daughter Amelie Neureuther dedicated Friday Rosie an emotional post. Now her brother is in touch Felix Neureuther speaks for the first time and says goodbye to his mom online.

On his Instagramprofile, the father of two shares a snapshot on which he says Rosie you can see. “You showed me the stars. Now you are one yourself”, are the touching lines of the 38-year-old. The photo shows Felix as a little boy with his mum explaining something to him while the two look up at the sky. “Thank you for everything, dear mom,” he writes emotionally at the end.

Many German celebrities, but also international stars like ski colleague Lindsey Vonn (38) also expressed their grief. “Always an angel to watch over you”, were the encouraging words of the Olympic champion. Also Felix‘ Mrs. Miriam Neureuther (32) commented on her husband’s emotional contribution: “The brightest star.”

Instagram / felix_neureuther

Felix Neureuther in January 2022
Christian Neureuther, Felix Neureuther and Rosi Mittermaier at a gala in Munich, October 2016

Instagram / felix_neureuther

Felix Neureuther, July 2020

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