Felipe Colombo’s prediction about "The 1-5 / 18": "Keep seeing her because she is missing …"

After almost a year of the coronavirus pandemic, the first national fiction to start filming in Argentina was “ The 1-5 / 18“, which although at the beginning was harshly criticized, managed to captivate its audience with its dialogues and actors.

A few days before the final chapter of the novel starring Agustina Cherri, Gonzalo heredia Y Esteban Lamothe, which airs in mid-April, Felipe Colombo spoke with “ The Run Run of the Show” for Chronicle HD the return of the production of Adrian Suar.

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“Everything works based on the protocols. We test every other day, at least three or four times a week. Everything could be carried out thanks to Polka deciding to take the risk of making fiction, of putting an entire team to work, not only of actors but also of technique that has many complications. They see our faces every night but behind there are many people who make the entertainment and television industry have their space“, the former protagonist of “Rebelde Way”.

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“La 1-5 / 18” ends its filming in January and the last episode will be released in April.

Then, the Mexican-Argentine interpreter reflected on the complications of the television world:The soap opera is a very beaten medium, it was very difficult to sustain national fiction, but to be able to return to the studio and reconnect with the team, I have known many of them for many years, and comply with everything … It was an odyssey to record the strip! This is why we have many prerecorded chapters. “

However, Felipe was blunt about his stance on work during a pandemic: “Equally we have a responsibility. We wanted so much to go back to the studio to our work, to do what we like so much and it is our way of life, that we had to take responsibility for taking care of ourselves, keeping our bubble as small as possible and taking the greatest care in our life. Personal life”.

“The 1-5 / 18 has a cast of actors that had not been seen much out there but it is an elencazo. For a long time I did not go beyond being part of a group that has so much bond and affection. It is a pleasure. Keep watching it because a lot of super interesting things need to happen“, Felipe Colombo closed on the future of the novel.

Look what Felipe Colombo said about “La 1-5 / 18”!

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