Feliccia in full bad buzz related to the disease of Luna Skye, she apologizes

Luna Skye

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Credit: Youtube Sam Zirah

Feliccia has apologized publicly after his big bad buzz related to Luna Skye’s illness.

If you follow the reality TV contestants, you couldn’t have missed the fact that Luna Skye is very ill today. For several months now, the young woman has been going through hospital stays because of a serious infection, caused after injections in the buttocks. Unfortunately, things turned out badly for her and today she is trying to heal herself through several surgeries. If his state of health is worrying, it did not seem to bother Feliccia …

In recent days, the one we have seen in Objective Rest of the World is indeed in full bad buzz. On his social networks, Feliccia promoted these famous injections for the buttocks, the same ones who made Luna Skye and possibly also sick Anaïs Camizuli. Many then found the gesture of the young woman totally inappropriate and did not hesitate to throw nasty comments towards her. For his show JUST on Youtube, Sam Zirah then contacted Feliccia.

Feliccia apologizes

On the video above, from 13:48, we can hear Feliccia apologize: “I regret a lot because I know that there are already two people who are hospitalized because of that. (…) I really emphasized the buttocks, I regret enormously because I put my community in danger.I’ll never do something like this again, I am very sorry for the situation of Luna and another woman. This is a mistake, I’m sorry, I apologize and it won’t happen again.” Will his mea culpa be accepted?

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