Federico Fashion Style in tears: "Dear mother of my daughter, besides Sophie, nothing binds us anymore"

Federico Fashion Style vented on Instagram against Letizia Porcu who accused him of having had a parallel life.

Federico Fashion Style posted one heartbreaking video on Instagram: the man, through tears, said he felt the lack of daughter. In fact, her ex-partner has established strict rules whereby she can only hear from her twice a day. The influencer also denied having had a parallel life.

Federico Fashion Style and Letizia Porcu broke up in October, the breakup was announced on Instagram by Federico’s ex-partner Lauri, this is the name in the registry office of the well-known hairdresser.

In the video published today in Instagram stories, Federico said that Letizia prevents him from talking to her daughter during the day, even if, for the moment, no judge has ruled on their separation “There is no rule, yet Letizia has decided that I can only hear from my daughter at 7.30 and 21. I call her and she doesn’t answer, I write to her and she tells me I have to wait for the time“.

The influencer reveals that their love story had ended for three years: “She agreed to stay at home and I’ve never had any parallel life. It’s Letizia who goes dancing every night by showing up in my stories. She wants to make me feel bad, but I’m not the one who had a parallel life“.

About his daughter, Federico said: “If I wasn’t around for work she would stay with me. Every time I have to leave she sticks fake glue on her arm to say ‘dad I wish you would stay attached to me forever’, believe me it really hurts, my hands are shaking. If there is a God there will be justice because no one can tell me what time to call her!“.

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