Federico, a 4-year-old Belgian boy, developed a rare disease after contracting Covid: “Like a storm that went through the body” (video)

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Four-year-old Federico contracted Covid-19 six weeks ago and began developing worrying symptoms last week. “It started with rashes on the hands”, explains his father to our colleagues from RTL-TVI. “Then from red lips and eyes to inflammation all over the body. The doctor first spoke of a flu, but it was much stronger. Like a storm that passed through the body. The child was therefore admitted to the UZ of Louvain in Flanders, where he had to be hospitalized.

The multisystem inflammatory syndrome today affects 1 in 5,000 children. “It has been shown that the risk of multiple inflammation in vaccinated children is very low”, however reassures François Vermeulen, pediatric infectiologist at UZ Leuven, interviewed by our colleagues.

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