Federal budget: adjustment of the accounts calendar approved in committee

The Court of Auditors will also benefit from a better distributed schedule so that it can exercise its control mission more effectively.

State Secretary for the Budget Eva De Bleeker (Open Vld) aims to improve the technical quality of the State budget and accounts. The budget is an estimate of the revenue and expenditure the government plans for the coming year. Then the accounts show exactly what was received and spent.

The way in which the two documents are drawn up is determined by law. The Secretary of State now wants to adjust the calendar in order to offer a better spread of tasks for the administration, which should lead to better accounts.

Concretely, the bill that was approved on Tuesday concerns the time granted to the FPS Strategy and Support (BOSA) in the establishment of accounts and to the Court of Accounts in its control mission. The latter had long called for a revision of the calendar.

The general account of the general administration must now be sent to the Court of Auditors no later than April 30 and no longer June 30. The latter will then have to send its observations to the House by July 15 at the latest, instead of May 31. The annual accounts of the Federal State must be sent to the Court of Auditors no later than August 31, instead of September 30. The Court of Auditors will send the certification report on the annual accounts no later than November 15.

The deadlines, however, remain unchanged for the various institutions which must submit their accounts.

Eva De Bleeker was satisfied with the approval of the bill in committee. “We are working on a budget path that should reduce our deficit. Conventionally, we mainly look at the budget. But in the end it is the state accounts that say how well we have succeeded in our mission. This is why I want to increase the technical quality of the State budget and accounts. ”

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