Fearless Criminal dropped female doctor in Indore fractured her head breathed on ventilator

Indore (Naiduniya Representative). After the rebuke of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the police may have come out on the streets, but they are not able to create fear in the hearts of the miscreants. On Saturday night, a few steps away from Vijay Nagar police station, bike-borne miscreants tried to rob Dr. Sangeeta Patil. He was injured after being dropped from the scooter. The miscreants could not succeed in carrying the purse but the doctor suffered several fractures in his head. The shoulder was also broken. He has been put on ventilator due to critical condition. Dr. Sangeeta, 51, resident of Anoop Nagar, was going towards Scheme-78 on a scooter with 24-year-old daughter Niharika. Turning from the Vijay Nagar intersection, three bike-borne miscreants started chasing them. When the miscreants hit the bike with the scooter, Niharika lost her balance. The miscreants tried to snatch the purse hanging on Dr. Sangeeta’s shoulder, but they did not leave the purse. In a scuffle, she fell off the scooter.

A miscreant again tried to snatch the purse from the bike, but fled after seeing the crowd. Seeing the bleeding from her head, Niharika was taken to the nearest hospital, but seeing the situation, she was referred to the hospital located at LIG intersection. The doctors told that there are many fractures in the head. One shoulder bone is also broken. He is in coma and put on ventilator. According to TI Tehzeeb Qazi, the injured has not given any information regarding the robbery incident.

ti doing nothing

In the case, retired ADG Pannalal has said that the fear of the police among the criminals has ended. TI is not doing anything. They have become officers, while they should have knowledge of the entire area.

The miscreants kept trying to snatch the purse, Dr. Sangeeta struggled

Sanchit Chauhan, a friend of daughter Niharika, who was with Dr. Sangeeta during the incident, told that the miscreants had come while doing Reiki. Tried to snatch the purse hanging on Niharika’s mother’s shoulder. She was terrified. Before he could handle the car, his mother was dropped. Then a miscreant came and started snatching the purse. Seeing the people coming, he ran away. Later she took her mother to the hospital. The police took statements at three o’clock in the night and left.

One percent chance of survival

Dr. Sangeeta’s condition is critical. He has suffered a brain hemorrhage. Internal injuries are more. The chance of survival is one percent, yet we are trying our best. Dr. Deepak Kulkani

DGP’s advice in the afternoon, incident in the evening

On Saturday afternoon, DGP Vivek Johri had advised all the SP-DIGs and IGs to stop the crime through video conference. SP (East) Ashutosh Bagri was present at Vijay Nagar police station at the time of the incident. Before this, he had made the soldiers stand at the crossroads. Still, the fearless miscreants kept trying to rob the doctor. When people came when the traffic signal was on, the miscreants fled.

Hollow claim: hand of miscreants released from jail in robbery and murder

In the last four days, the police have claimed action against more than 400 miscreants. The lie can be gauged from the fact that most of the incidents of robbery, murder and theft are either the hand of the criminals released from the jail or the involvement of the listed miscreants. In Sanyogitaganj police station area, the hand of accused Ajay Chandel came to the fore in the murder of Kapil Meo. Gunja Jeetu, who robbed six police station areas, also turned out to be a vicious criminal of Banganga area. He has 13 cases registered against him.

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