Fear The Walking Dead season 7: What is Padre?

Season 7 of Fear The Walking Dead This week allowed us to reunite with Dwight and Sherry and to meet Mickey. Nicknamed the Dark Horses, their activities caught the attention of another group of survivors, like the couple, to find Padre. Still, it’s hard to say what our heroes might come up with. If the precise identity of this element will be revealed by mid-season from season 7 of Fear The Walking Dead, several possibilities are available to us. The first would like Padre to be the name of a new community organized after Teddy’s launch of the nuclear warheads.

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Dwight dans Fear The Walking Dead. — Crédit(s) : AMC

The second, it could actually be a survivor, located outside the radioactive zone. It could also be Alicia, whose return fans have been eagerly awaiting since the end of Season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead. In our opinion, the first option seems more possible, Alicia having been tasked by Teddy to lead the people locked into the bunker after the missiles were launched. The survivor could thus have built a promised land outside the radioactive zone. Another interesting clue: Alicia should make her return in episode 8 of this unprecedented salvo, the latter being called precisely “Dad”.

Morgan et Alicia dans Fear The Walking Dead.
Morgan and Alicia in Fear The Walking Dead. – Credit (s): amc

According to the first information on this episode, Alicia will ask Morgan for help in finding a new home for her people. If Morgan quickly realizes that the search is more complicated than he imagined, Alicia’s request could ultimately lead our characters in Padre’s footsteps. If the latter were to be a community, it is possible that our survivors will join it. Alicia’s group seems convinced that finding Padre would be beneficial. Finally, on their side, Morgan and Grace discovered a map indicating its possible location while Bea and Fred suggested that it was indeed a place. There, our heroes could reunite in order to subsequently face Victor Strand, the real antagonist of season 7 of Fear The Walking Dead. We should learn more through mid-season. Until then, expect to also find the CRM in episode 6 against Althea and Morgan.

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