Fear The Walking Dead season 7: episode 6, Morgan and Althea face the CRM in the promo video

This week fans of Fear The Walking Dead were able to find Dwight and Sherry but also meet Mickey. This group, now nicknamed the Dark Horses, will be tasked with finding Padre in this seventh salvo. Before that though, fans of the spin-off The Walking Dead will have the opportunity to reunite with Morgan, Grace and Althea in the next episode. While Morgan and his wife enjoyed their own adventures early in the season, Althea was briefly spotted in Episode 4 before Sarah set out to find her adopted brother, Wendell.

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Althea dans Fear The Walking Dead. — Crédit(s) : amc

Entitled “Reclamation”, episode 6 should shed more light on Althea (Maggie Grace). From the promotional video of the latter, we understand that Morgan (Lennie James) will look for the survivor before realizing that he is not the only one who wants to find her. Indeed, a team was tasked with “cleaning” the radioactive zone and eliminating any potential evidence of life. It would seem, moreover, that this is the work of the CRM. It will be interesting to see how Althea and Morgan come out of it, our hero favoring pacifism while the CRM is desperate to complete its fatal mission.

Morgan and Grace in season 7 of Fear The Walking Dead.
Morgan and Grace in season 7 of Fear The Walking Dead. – Credit (s): AMC

In any case, one thing is certain, this episode should be packed with action but also offer the crossover long awaited by fans of Fear The Walking Dead. Perhaps the arrival of the CRM will provide an opportunity to learn more about Rick’s whereabouts. The series seems in any case to build the meeting and reunion of several characters from the universe created by Robert Kirkman. We therefore look forward to discovering this sixth episode on Sunday on AMC in the United States and in + 24 hours on Canal + Séries in France.

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