FCGB: Plasil and Coupet victims of the sweep

Without knowing at what level it will evolve next season, Bordeaux has started to renew its technical staff. Head coach David Guion has extended his contract, but several assistants are pushed out.

While its owner and president Gérard Lopez is working to save his place at the professional level, the Girondins are back in Haillan. This Thursday, the players on whom management is counting returned to the training center to undergo the usual medical tests. It is for the moment a reduced group, without the internationals, nor the many undesirables among whom we find even technicians. Indeed, the sweep decided by the management also concerns the technical staff.

Bordeaux has just formalized the extension of head coach David Guion, now linked to the Aquitaine club until June 2023. And obviously, the former Stade de Reims coach wants to surround himself with trusted men. This is not the case of physical trainer Antonio Calado, not called for the recovery this week. In the same case, assistant Jaroslav Plasil and goalkeeping coach Grégory Coupet are also not taking part in the debut of the professional group. The former midfielder and the ex-keeper are not invited until July 4, when the internationals should return from vacation.

Coupet had not seen the email

Note that Jaroslav Plasil and Grégory Coupet had been notified by email, specify our colleagues from South West. And according to the media 20 Minutes, the second city only became aware of this email this Thursday morning when arriving at Haillan, when the message had been sent to him on June 15. Anyway, the club demoted to N1, which dismissed its team manager Julian Mariet, will have to strengthen its technical staff in the coming days, under penalty of slowing down an already strange preparation given the context.

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