Faux pas with “Bares for Rares”: Expert is wrong by 5,900 euros

The fact that an expertise does not quite meet the final price is something that happens again and again with “Bares for Rares”, but a difference of 6,000 euros is a completely different house number.

Luckily for the couple Waltraud and Volker Olbertz, his curious appearance on “Bares for Rares” did not turn out the other way around. Let’s just imagine that the expert Colmar Schulte-Golz had miscalculated by 6,000 euros to her disadvantage, then the misery would of course be great. Luckily, both of them could look forward to an unexpected windfall. But first things first.

The two brought a painting with a sphinx as a motif to the junk show, which didn’t quite fit into their apartment. The expert identified the work as a painting by Louis Douzette, thus immortalizing his wanderlust. The desired 500 euros are too low for the beautiful picture, 1400 euros could bring the painting. Waltraud and Volker Olbertz could not have guessed that this amount was still far too low when they happily accepted the dealer card. What followed was one of the most memorable moments in Bares for Rares history.

“Madness”: painting fetches 7,300 euros instead of 1,400 euros

In the dealer room, things went extremely well, to put it mildly. Wolfgang Pauritsch, David Suppes and Fabian Kahl said goodbye to the Prize of Expertise in no time at all, instead the bids shot up to unimagined heights. Even when Waltraud Olbertz made a tactical mistake and said at 5,000 euros that the expertise was already far exceeded, the men made no attempt to downshift. In the end, Fabian Kahl paid 7,300 euros, a whopping 5,900 euros more than the expert had estimated. That was “madness”, according to the apt summary of the Olbertz couple. You can find more successful sales in the video.

“Bares for Rares” runs on weekdays at 3:05 p.m. on ZDF, the offshoot ZDF Neo broadcasts repeats at 10:55 a.m. and at 7:20 p.m. The concept has not changed to this day. People like Waltraud and Volker Olbertz have their goods appraised by experts and then haggle over the selling price in the dealer’s room.

How would you do in “Bares for Rares”? Test your knowledge in the quiz:

Are you a scrap collector or antiques dealer: Test your “Bares for Rares” knowledge

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