Fauve Hautot in a relationship with Tayc? The dancer finally delivers her truth far from the studios of "Dance with the stars"

For two months now, Tayc and Fauve Hautot have formed one of the emblematic couples of the eleventh season of “Dance with the stars”. Their complicity and their hard work every week allows them to climb each time in the top 3 of the ranking. It must be said that the singer leaves with an advantage: in addition to getting along well with his dance partner Fauve Hautot, Tayc is very comfortable in dance.

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Next Friday on TF1, Tayc will participate in the final of “Dance with the stars” and hopes to win it. This would also allow Fauve Hautot to win two seasons of DALS in a row. Indeed, the last edition which took place two years ago was won by the sportsman Sami El Gueddari who teamed up with the pretty redhead.

Since the start of the competition, what jumps out in the eyes of viewers is the bond between Tayc and Fauve Hautot. So much so that many wonder if they are not secretly in a relationship … It must be said that Tayc and Fauve Hautot do not hesitate to be very tactile on the floor of DALS. “She doesn’t hesitate to tell me to come closer, to touch her … But it’s professional, it’s quiet, we are adults. She really liked that I have no shame in looking at her in eyes to create something. It’s super fluid between us “, recently recognized Tayc for” Télé Loisirs “.

Tired of this rumor, Fauve Hautot has finally reacted in the columns of “Télé Star”. “People talk, so much the better for them. I know who I am, I know where I am and I am so calm in my life that it is all a bit beyond me”, admits the dancer before recalling: “It makes me enough laughing besides, that I am said to be exasperated by him and shortly after that we are suspected of being in a relationship. Man-woman friendship, that exists “. That has the merit of being clear !


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