Faustine Bollaert: why did the host’s hair catch fire in full live?

Today at the head of “It starts today” on France 2, Faustine Bollaert already has a great television career behind her. Invited on Saturday November 12 on RTL at the microphone of Jade and Eric Dussart to discuss her debut, the host remembered a dramatic incident which made her smile today. “I’m a fan of the show and I really enjoy being there.“said Maxime Chattam’s companion in the preamble. The time Eric Dussart reminds her of the program” Pick up your holidays “during which Faustine Bollaert saw her hair catch fire in full live. “Yes yes in fact I had a candle, it was a morning show where you had to put the order of the syllables, it was a game and indeed there was a candle on the set“, she says. Before adding: “And at one point, I see smoke and I see my co-host who was Stéphane Basset starting to go livid and indeed my hair was on fire.

Faustine Bollaert almost set fire to a concert by her idol

An anecdote that will bring a second, always inflamed since Jade then reminded him of the day when the host almost set fire during a concert by Roch Voisine. Oh damn ! So yes, I was a fan of Roch Voisine “, explained the presenter of It starts today on France 2. “ Well, it wasn’t me, but it was my mother that I had taken to see Roch Voisineand my mother has always had very very long and magnificent nails, and we were holding the lighter at the moment of “Hélène” what, and then bam, the lighter made two flames, and it was my mother’s nail which had caught fire, and we had a little fright because it was not a small flame, know that! she said.


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